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WBAFans_Latest Posted on 18/02/2020 10:49
Mark Jenkins on 'Special Man' Slaven Bilic

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'Chief Executive Mark Jenkins believes Albion are fortunate to have Slaven Bilic as the club’s head coach.

It was in February 2018 that Jenkins resumed his role in the Baggies boardroom having initially opted to step down after Guochuan Lai completed his takeover. Since then the CEO has straightened the club’s finances and delivered on his pledge to reduce season ticket prices – with Albion announcing yesterday Early Bird prices have been frozen for next year despite their lofty position at the top of the Championship. Jenkins was also instrumental in appointing Bilic in June. And the chief executive believes Albion hired a head coach who should be in the Premier League.

“You don’t want to speak about all the other managers you have worked with but Slaven is definitely one of the most engaging and personable,” Jenkins said. “

We managed to get him and you think ‘that’s good.’

“But after two or three months you really do think ‘How did we get him – why is here and not at a Premier League club?’

“He is just a really good bloke.”

Following Albion’s relegation from the Premier League, Jenkins was determined to make sure everything was in place off the field to ensure the team could instantly challenge for a return to the top-flight.

And he believes in Bilic Albion have a manager who understands how important it is that the club is run the right way.

He added: “In all my years in the game, Slaven is the only manager I have known take the trouble to pop down the corridor to the offices of the CEO to personally thank him for all the support and efforts taken to sign the players.

“I felt then that we had a special man in the head coach’s office, and I know our fans feel the same.”

Link: E&S
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BlueandWhiteStripe Posted on 18/02/2020 21:11
Mark Jenkins on 'Special Man' Slaven Bilic

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Blimey. Never read/heard Jenkins be so complimentary.

I agree with him - we've got a real gem in Slav.
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TheresonlyoneCyrille Posted on 19/02/2020 11:31
Mark Jenkins on 'Special Man' Slaven Bilic

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We certainly are lucky to have him. I love Slav!

The article is just re-presenting stuff already out there. One could conclude that article was a charm offensive 'ordered' by Martin Swain (Jenkins lapdog and ex chief at E & S) as things look like they are getting interesting regarding the shareholders questioning the granting of the loan to Peace at an interest rate a fraction of what you would expect to pay on unsecured finance at that or any significant level (which was at the same time as we appointed Irvine and bought lots of poor players, leading to our ultimate demise instead of pushing on and strengthening with it).

There was an article in the Athletic yesterday which was also quite Peace and Jenkins friendly. It comes to something when it seems that the only free press we can rely to give the fair coverage it deserves comes from the Daily Mail and not the locals! Anyway, I expect the truth will all come out one day.

I view anything produced by the E & S these days with suspicion. The Evening Mail has also been effectively neutered since the Club appointed Chris Lepkowski.
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