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TownFish Posted on 19/10/2012 01:20
6/52 Glos v Lancs by GL2

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OOPS, I've been a bit lazy recently. Here's another.


All XXXXXX day! It rained all frigging day! I mean, over the last few weeks we've had a bit of rain Indeed. But it hasn't rained ALL day for about twelve years. Even the forecast yesterday morning for the Bristol area said "slightly overcast with the possibility of a shower." What it should have said was "don't bother leaving your house if you live in the Bristol area unless you fancy swimming to the pub and if you're thinking of travelling down from Gloucester for the cricket you're a XXXXXX imbecile."

Anyway, went into the ground, drank four cans, spoke to CC in there for a while and then went home. Well, didn't go home immediately. Had to try twelve pints first. Wills was on form. Larey was an irritating XXXXXX who thinks it's extremely amusing to keep knocking my baseball hat off and repeatedly call me a Welsh freak. Ha ha ha ha ha.
And has anyone ever seen me drink Guinness? No.
Larey: What are you drinking?
GL2 "Oh Guinness of course!" (Sarcastically holding up my bottle of Holsten)
The XXXXXX then gets me a Guinness and then throws his toys out of his kennel when I tell him I don't want it. XXXXXX

Saturday, what was all that about? I mean, I actually remember it all and I went to the game! And stayed for ALL of it! It was crap. Charlie falling over in the sick was nice though. H.H was absolutely XXXXXXed. In the garden of the CGH BHN managed to hold a huge bunch of keys, a handbag, a packet of cigarettes, a lighter, a mobile phone and a glass of Diet Coke with ice and a slice of lemon in ONE hand. I came out of the bar and said to TownFish that CPK had just arrived with Joy (Oh Joy!). "No, she's at home doing some painting," he said. "Well I'm sure it's her." "No way," says TownFish. "Hello " says CPK.
"SXXXXXX" says GL2.

Charlie, why do you keep going on about The Charcoal Grill?
You really live in a dream world. It's like you going on about, erm, your Yorkshire bird. It doesn't exist!
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Riddel Posted on 19/10/2012 12:39
6/52 Glos v Lancs by GL2

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I dont remember falling over in any sick.
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Leroy_ Posted on 21/10/2012 19:01
6/52 Glos v Lancs by GL2

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I think this was over 12 years ago now, but I still find it amusing that I annoyed GL2 so much.
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TownFish Posted on 31/10/2012 00:29
6/52 Glos v Lancs by GL2

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I don't remember CPK doing any painting either but then that would be because she didn't I suppose

< * ) ) ) ) > <
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