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TownFish Posted on 17/09/2012 23:07
3/52 and 4/52 Cardiff City away and West Ham @ Home

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Another short one I'm afraid so I thought I'd post 2 of them. 5/52 next week is much longer though so stay tuned!

29/07/2000 Cardiff away by STFC Gloucester Branch

Woke up this morning fully clothed, shoes on, money in pockets, head thumping and decided to go to Cardiff. Sent text messages to GL2, Milky and The G. Received three replies - "No", "XXXXXX off", and "What about Cardiff?". Decided not to go to Cardiff. Remembered what a XXXXXX I made of myself last night. XXXXXX. Not looking forward to work on monday. Dragged myself downstairs, managed to drink a glass of water in an effort to rehydrate my brain. Got on the old pc, had a look at the forum, went to be sick. Gave up on the computer so went to go to sleep on the sofa. Couldn't sleep, so led there, eyes closed, listening to the grand prix qualifying. Tried to watch a bit of sky sports, got bored, got back on the pc. Received phone call from Milky, arranged to get picked up in half an hour to go and have some grub at Tesco!!! Four hours later got picked up by Milky and his bird. Had some egg and chips at Tesco, got me lottery tickets, bought some fags, met the old man - "Alright, what are you doing?", "Just going up the pub to see GL2, only having a couple, see you later". Nine pints and one bottle later, came home and watched a programme about Jamaican dancing sluts. Then watched Big Brother - what the XXXXXX is all that about???!!! Also watched the making of Robbie Williams latest video. What a load of XXXXXX. Now it's gone two in the morning and I'm sat here eating chicken and mushroom pie, baked beans and new potatoes. What a XXXXXX.

04/08/2000 West Ham @ Home by the Cabbage Patch Kid

West Ham won by 1-0, but I wasn't disapointed by the virtually new Swindon team. They played quite well and together. Robbo (as usual) was a complete XXXXXX, substituted after 85 minutes (should have been 15!!!!). Grazioli was Grazioli,still got nice legs and his XXXXXX ain't too bad.

But one of our latest signings, Danny (absolutely gorgeous) Invincible, has the cutest XXXXXX and a pair of very fine legs. Myself and Joy De Vivre nearly had an orgasm watching him running up and down the pitch. We would think we had died and gone to heaven if he had made a pass at us like some of the passes in the game.

It was also a pleasure (!!!!) to finally come face to face with the likes of GL2 and Larey.

XXXXXX......... I know that I'm totally XXXXXXed now after saying that !!!!!

Look forward to seeing some more of you at another game

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