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Rivals_Exile Posted on 20/12/2007 08:53

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I hope everyone is happy in your new home and wish you all the best. Thought I would just drop in to let you know what I’ve been up to. I had the same idea as Steve, to try and ‘preserve’ the idea of Rivals in some way and we spoke for a while a couple of weeks ago, but sadly couldn’t come to an agreement on how we could work together. That’s fair enough, and I wish you all the best. Having said that, it would be nice if the editors here could confirm they are not interested, as I have had emails from other people asking to set up club sites on bythefans.net and said I would give anyone from Rivals first refusal.

So why am I here, well I thought I’d just let you know how Sky have reacted. I launched bythefans.net on Tuesday and posted to every board on Rivals. Lots of users and editors have been critical of Sky and posted links to alternative sites on Rivals message-boards, but as yet, no-one (to my knowledge) has posted to all of them. Whilst all those other links to other sites (including this one) and critical messages seem to have remained on the boards, the order went out centrally to delete all of mine. Though of course with the efficiency that is all too evident from Sky still calling the Blue Square Premier ‘The Conference’, they have missed a few! Someone on the Man City board described the deleting of the posts as “Rivals censorship...This is how Nazi Germany started...”

The best indication of how deserted Rivals now is that (at the time of writing this, 6.30am 20th Dec) looking the page showing the latest posts in League Two, 12 out of the2 4 show the last post was me, 38 hours earlier. Ten are listed as “GMK_MrAngry: Removed due to inappropriate content”. But Sky don’t seem to be too bothered about losing MKD or Rotherham United, as my post hasn’t been deleted!

So I’m not asking you to jump ship. I’d like it if you did, but I thought those of you who missed it might like to see the original message. The last sentence got changed halfway through me posting as I realised what was going on!

Rivals Replacement Ready!

I’m posting to tell you that following the ruination of Rivals by Sky, an new site has been set up at bythefans.net, which already has working messageboards for all 116 clubs that Rivals covers. 3 months ago, Rivals was ranked as the 6149th biggest site IN THE WORLD. By Saturday, less than a fortnight after the relaunch, it had dropped to 29060th! That’s being in a UEFA Cup spot at the start of the season and dropping to being outside the Championship play-offs by now! Well done Rupert!

You’ll find better navigation, much faster loading times, and that all the features Rivals used to have are there, and more. Not bad from a standing start 11 days ago! Front page toolbars may look a little empty, but that is because editors will be able to have whatever they want appear there. A thread view version of the forums is to be developed, but we wanted to make sure what we had would work properly before launching. Besides the fact that the whole thing actually works, any editors coming across will get a percentage of the advertising revenue, (opposed to a flat fee that rips you off), and a percentage of the profits every year. Besides that, all users will be offered the chance to buy shares in the summer, meaning that by the fans will not just be for by the fans for the fans in terms of content, but also in terms of ownership, meaning it stays by the fans!

There is more info on the site-obviously! And you’ll find it a lot easier to use, with more features than anything else out there. Give it a spin and see what you think! Please post any feedback on the BTF boards and not this thread as we have about a 1,000 more messages just like this one to post! On that score, if anyone can repost this message to other boards (whether for your club or not), please do, especially as the posts keep getting deleted from ‘Skyvals’ due to ‘Inappropriate Content’!

bythefans.net - by the fans, for the fans - bythefans.net

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