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Stockport County Online FAQs

QWhy do I have to be a member to post a message?
AWe, like you, want our message boards to be free of offensive posts. Your membership ensures that you a part of a responsible community that can talk freely without fear of censure. If, on the other hand, you do choose to offend, we don’t want you.
QWhat will fansonline do with my details?
ANothing, if you tell us not to.
QWill fansonline pass those details on to a third-party?
AOnly with your permission, and only to those we think you’d be interested in.
QI’ve forgotten my password, what do I do?
AClick on “Forgot my Password”, enter the e-mail address that you signed up under, and we’ll mail you your password. This is where we’ll ask you your hint question, to ensure that your password doesn’t go to the wrong person.
QI can’t post, even though I just registered. What’s wrong?
AIt can take up to 100 hours for passwords to register, and for users of AOL, sometimes longer. During this time, no-one can claim you user name, and you can still read the message boards. As soon as you receive the authorisation e-mail, activate your account and post freely.
QI've registered and enabled my account but i still cannot log in. What can i do?
A A principal problem can be attributed to incorrect use of privacy software. Not just Norton also things like the security zone privacy settings in Internet Explorer, and the equivalent functionality in other browsers. In order to log in to the MBs, browsers must accept our cookies, from Internet Explorer (IE) 6 you can set this by going to "Internet Options" => "Privacy" and clicking on the "Default" and then the "Apply" button. To set cookies for other browsers see your browsers help documentation. You will also need to check that Javascript is enabled on the browser. In IE 6 you can set this from "Internet Options" => "Security" => "Custom Level". Now scroll down to the "Scripting" section and click the "Enable" checkbox under "Active Scripting". Again for other browsers check the relevant help documentation.

If you have privacy software installed on your machine, it may not be enough just make the configuration changes discussed in steps 3 and 4 above. You may also need to clear your browsers cache area after these settings have been changed. In IE 6 you can do this by clicking the "Delete Files" button from the "Internet Options" => "General" dialog. If you have any personal firewall software running on your computer we suggest that you disable it and try logging in again. Finally if you are working from an internal network we suggest that you check with your network administrator whether they have installed any software that could be causing your login problems. As a test maybe they can temporarily configure your machine to be outside the network so that you can try again, or maybe try from a standalone machine connected to a modem. If you can then login without problems then you can assume that this is where the issue lies and you will need to work through this with your administrator.
QI’m still having trouble logging in, who at fansonline should I contact?
AIf you have worked through the above list and you are absolutely sure that none of the configuration issues apply to you then you can contact our support help desk via the contact page

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