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pompeyblue1980 Posted on 18/03/2011 08:32
Season Ticket Q&A

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Season Ticket Q&A

Why have season and matchday ticket prices been increased?

The rise is due to the change in the rate of VAT from 17.5% to 20% over the course of this season. In addition, Championship clubs have to pay a 3% levy on all season and matchday ticket sales to The Football League. This means that the club has received less money than expected from ticket sales this season.

Once we have taken into account these factors when setting the season ticket prices for next season, the club will only be receiving an additional 1 per game for a top-price adult season ticket and less than 1 per game for those in the Family Enclosure. For seniors and juniors this amount is considerably lower.

The club feels that this is the minimum increase that they can offer fans for next season.

Last season we significantly reduced season ticket prices by, on average, in excess of 30%. The new season ticket prices are still over 20% cheaper than the 2009/10 season which included four less home games.

Why are season tickets going on sale now?

Last season we were unable to put season tickets on sale at this time due to the club entering administration two weeks earlier. This season, however, the club is in a position to put them on sale at the usual time.

Why can credit/debit cards not be used for payment in phase one?

Last season, due to the uncertainty surrounding the future of the club, the merchant service provider would only allow the administrators to use these methods of payments on the basis that the money from these sales would be released to the club after each home game had been played.

The club is currently renegotiating these terms and we hope to have these payment mechanisms in place for the second phase of season ticket sales.

As a result of this, the club have negotiated with Zebra Finance to offer our fans extended payment terms as compared to those offered for this season, due to season tickets being put on sale two months earlier.

What payment plans are available from Zebra Finance?

There are three interest-free plans with payments over either four, five or six months compared to one three-month plan available for this season. In addition, there is an interest-bearing instalment plan over 10 months, compared to six months for this season.

This gives fans the option to spread the cost of their season ticket over a considerably longer period than this season.

Why is the club introducing Category A pricing for next season?

The club has decided to classify no more than six games next season as Category A matches. These will obviously be the more popular fixtures that fans wish to attend and by doing this we want to encourage more of our fans to be season ticket holders, so that they can enjoy a larger saving against matchday prices.

Why is there no separate pricing for seats in the Milton End?

Both home and away fans pay the same price in the Milton End and this season away fans visiting Fratton Park are paying the cheapest price in the Championship.

For security reasons some games require us to offer the whole of the Milton End to visiting fans and this allows the club to recover some of the increased stewarding and policing costs involved with these matches.

The bit that made me laugh is comparing it to our Premier league prices.
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