INSIDE TRACK: Azougy and the King of the Grey Market
Wednesday 17 Feb 2010 22:55:00
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Pompey-Fans.Com can reveal some potentially intriguing insights into the last few months a Pompey since the 'Al Faraj' takeover.

Israeli media sources claim that Daniel Azougy, far from being a low level fraudster, works as a debt collector for Shlomo, (Shelley), Narkis, who carries the sobriquet 'The King of the Grey Market'.

Narkis is Israels number one 'grey market lender'. He reputedly has a fortune in excess of £200m. People who have owed him money include;

Eli Reifman, whose car was firebombed and who then survived an assassination attempt by machine gun wielding motorcyclists
Boaz Yona the CEO of Heftsiba who fled to Italy when his loans from Narkis were revealed. He was extradited back to Israel and said on his return; "I ran? For shame. Look who's waiting for me in Israel and then you will understand why I didn't arrive."

When mob boss Ya'akov Alperon was blown up at a busy Tel Aviv intersection, Narkis was one of the first people to arrive at his house to offer condolences, and also attended his funeral. Alperons' son Omer, (on day release from prison where he was held on remand charged with extortion), interrupted the proceedings, and in a voice choked with tears said, "We'll send whoever did this to the heavens, he will not have a grave, after we remove his head we'll remove his arms."

An underworld debt collector, Yossi Afriat was killed in a massive explosion which injured 14 people including a baby. Sources who knew Afriat said he was considered a "freelance" debt collector in the underworld, and that he cooperated over the years with criminals, including members of the Alperon family, Shlomo Narkis, and more recently Abergil. Afriat made a lot of enemies in the course of his work, so his murder may not be related to rivalries among crime organizations. The Alperon and Abergil crime families have been involved in a bitter and bloody war.


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Despite this series of high profile assassinations the Israeli media have frequently lamented the impotence of the Police in their attempts to make arrests and headway against organised crime.

In February last year, as Arkadi Gaydamaks desperation for liquid funds reached crisis proportions, Narkis and Azougy flew to Gaydamaks palatial Moscow residence to discuss loaning him $50m dollars. Gaydamak denied having taken the loan, said to be secured on his assets. However, Azougy turned up at Fratton Park 5 months later.

It was during this period that Gaydamak claimed Pompey to be among his assets in an interview. Also, in a hearing in a Tel Aviv district court, lawyers for Joseph Traum, (Arkadi Gaydamaks former partner) told the court in Israel that several of the assets said to belong to Sasha Gaydamak are actually owned by his father. The lawyer Shahar Harary said: "We have evidence that the whole Ports­mouth deal was done in Arkadi Gaydamak's home in Israel." Haray said Arkadi Gaydamak constantly writes his assets under the names of his children or foreign companies for tax reasons and to avoid creditors. Gaydamak was not
present at the hearing.

Clearly there was a widespread belief in israel at the time that Pompey belonged to Arkadi Gaydamak.

Arkadi Gaydamak is on the run from French justice having been convicted of tax evasion, and has been charged with money laundering in Israel. He has seemingly removed himself permanently to Moscow, but sources in the Israeli media familiar with grey market operations have suggested to Pompey-Fans.Com he may soon go to Angola where he enjoys diplomatic level protection, after other prominent Russian Jews said to have borrowed in the Israeli 'grey market' were assassinated in Moscow recently.

Azougy, as well as accompanying Narkis to Moscow, was also believed to have offered to negotiate a plea bargain with Gaydamak on behalf of the Israeli Government to settle his money laundering case. If true, it would speak volumes for the close links between Israeli mob and Government. Mr Azougy, despite a whole series of convictions for fraud seems to have been fortunate in receiving remarkably light sentences. In this country, one legal expert contacted by Pompey-Fans.Com has suggested a fourth serious fraud conviction would have carried a long prison sentence. His mob ties and criminal record raise serious questions about his ability to enter and work in this country seemingly with the blessing of the authorities.

Pompey-Fans.Com would welcome the opportunity to speak to Azougy, Narkis or Arkadi Gaydamak to set the record straight on any of these issues.,7340,L-3779302,00.html,7340,L-3241047,00.html


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