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Bazza-TSM Posted on 30/06/2009 10:08
Thee Strawberry Mynde are back!

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After a long lay off Thee Strawberry Mynde are back gigging again this weekend. We are playing at the Ferryhill Is United festival (see details below).

With frontman Tall Paul now living in Sheffield and with no transport it's hard enough getting a rehearsal in nevermind playing gigs and this will be our first live appearance since we played with The Mourning After at The Studio in Hartlepool back in January. But it's a festival that all the band members wanted to play and to support the Show Racism The Red Card campaign.

It will also be a year and a day since we played our reunion gig. Hope to see you there!


Ferryhill Is United is a community festival hosted by Show Racism The Red Card & Dean Banks residents association. The festival takes place on Sunday 5th July 2009 at Ferryhill Business & Enterprice College, Merrington Road, Ferryhill, DL17 8RW.

The festival kicks off at 11am and will bring the community together to celebrate diversity and show that there's no place for racism in County Durham. There will be loads of activities for all ages including: Youth football tournament, sports & art workshops, fairground & climbing wall, live music including Sounds Of The World & Thee Strawberry Mynde.

Thee Strawberry Mynde will be on stage at 14.45

For more info email: sarah@theredcard.org or go to - http://www.theredcard.org

Link: Thee Strawberry Mynde
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Bazza-TSM Posted on 03/07/2009 00:04
Thee Strawberry Mynde are back!

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I've just heard that the bnp aren't happy about this event and have been handing out leaflets about it (see message below). We'll be ready for them should they try anything on the day.

"The BNP have put out a leaflet campaigning against our event on Sun. It's 2 sides of A4 and quite nasty stuff. "Hope not Hate nutters" paving the way to flood Ferryhill with Muslims etc. We're hoping to get some press coverage exposing them out of it, but it raises concerns as to whether they may look to disrupt the day."

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