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Stawberry_Mynde Posted on 09/03/2009 09:51
The Strawbs

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Any fans on here? Must admit I've never really checked them out. But one of the band contacted me via MySpace and had the following messgage for my band Thee Strawberry Mynde -

"The Strawberry Hill Boys have now been going since the early 70s.
They reached no.2 with "Part of the Union" and have had numerous other hits.
If you wish to continue with your present name I suggest that you attend one of the Strawbs concerts and see for yourselves just how good they are.

If afterwards you feel that you are incapable of reaching their standards then you might do the honourable thing and drop "Strawberry" from your name!"

Must say it made me laugh. I replied that he should also ask Strawberry Alarm Clock if they could change their name too!
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