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Mags In Strip Incidents

MAGS IN STRIP INCIDENTS   As indicated, for a large part of my travels over the years, my packing has included essentials – NUFC tops. Sure that some of you out there will recognize that packing technique. In late weekend here, the strip certainly caused some discussions, some good, some not so good.   Let us start with the good. Walking along the seafront, a woman noticed the ....

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I Was Born ,in The Leazes End, The Leazes, Leazes, End

  That song echoed around a packed Leazes way back in the late 60s and well into the 70s, to the tune of a Lee Marvin piece, I Was Born Under a Wandering Star. The Geordie verse altered the words, slightly - boots were made for kicking, fists were made to fight, and if you are a Sunderland fan, you must be a load of shite.   For many of that NUFC generation, the Leazes End was ....

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A Mag In The Sun - The Glasgea. And The Mancs Again. Martial Arts Not Needed.

          Another hot day yesterday, and needed hat protection from the sun. Unfortunately, I forgot to take protection from The Sun newspaper. Sitting in a bar, I picked it up. I prefer the Spanish papers normally – aye, I sound like a right pretentious, boastful git shouting out his ability to read Spanish. But The Sun might, might, have had some news on ....

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A Mag Abroad – Armed With Toon Strips…and Martial Art?

    Am staying with a good mate of mine and his wife out in Spain. The old saying hoys in immediately. Whereever ya gan you are sure to find a Geordie. I expected to meet 2, Mo and Trev, the marras from Walker and Felling respectively, but of course, have met more already.    One is a  grand old character, George - or Geordie as he prefers to be called. . More of this ....

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A Mag Bus Tour Around The Premiership

      Mag Airways lands in London, and the bus sets off from Heathrow. The visit starts in the Deep South, and given that Southampton and Portsmouth have disappered, that means the so-called capital itself.   One obvious is that Mags are not in love with any of the clubs there, because they are all Cockneys. Heading east, first port of call is Chelsea. Ignoring a very ....

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Friday Latest - No Sign Of Nufc Career Offer

        As suspected, one of my mates' idea that I could build a new career in football has turned out to be over-optimistic. Having checked the post earlier this morning, and sat next to my phone most of the day, it seems clear that Ashley has no intention of asking me to be a French interpreter at the club, further to his, sorry, Alan Pardew's, latest signings. Death of ....

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Thursday - Nufc Could Sign Me After All?

  This suggestion came from Gus over in the Felling - that friendly part of Tyneside, in so many ways, but it does help to know somebody who knows somebody over there! Anyway, he rang to state that I could get a game after all for the Mags. As a French interpreter. He pointed out that with all these French-speaking characters turning up at Ashley's playground, I should brush up on my French ....

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Wednesday Morning

WEDNESDAY MORNING   Yesterday saw all kinds of things gannin on, from football rumours to the global financial system getting a bit worried about the Greeks gannin bankrupt. Normally, I am interested in footy, or rather NUFC, talk - despite occasional deliberate abstention from such due to health factors - and the economic crisis. Not yesterday though. I was far more interested in the ....

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Monday After The Domino Defeat

        After my sporting victories over weekend at Scrabble and Pool, last night's heavy defeat at dominoes came as a bitter blow. Having carried  out an early morning inquest in what went wrong, I decided that it was best not to panic by making any sweeping changes or tactics just yet. After all, any player is allowed a bad game.    My fitness drive has ....

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Brians Weekend Blog

    Must rush to Sunday morning immediately. First things first, eh?  ME. Or Fathas in general. My younger two brought cards  and   a nice gift. The cards were brilliant, where they design them themselves, put their own words in, and then the company sends them back to them. I recognised very few descriptions of me - caring, loveable, etc, etc - but one, written by ....

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Brians Blog For Thursday

    This might look like a plug for Toon Talk's radio initiative - and my wish for Mr Wraith et al to set up a 24 hour MagFm station- but I can honestly say that it is not prompted by the lads at the said Toon Talk. Rather, it follows a brief foray into TalkSport to catch up on latest events in Sport!  I bumbled into a very absurd debate surrounding the future of English ....

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Tuesday Blog

    Monday saw major distractions from blogging. Life got in the way. Anybody who is vaguely interested in my Water Problem, namely, the leaking ceiling in the bedroom, will be pleased to know that solutions are on the way. Given the fact that nobody really is, I can confirm that I am.  After the weekend without football,  a canny spell on the phone ensured an end to ....

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Weekend Blog

  The most obvious thing about the weekend is that there is no actual football, except for some European U-21 championship kicking off. This may ease some from the drug withdrawal symptoms, but does nothing in terms of mine. Some people might call me a narrow-minded bigot, with black and white blinkers on, as my only real interest in weekend football during the season focuses upon how NUFC ....

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Friday 10th Of June (late Morning)

    I stress LATE morning, because of an unexpected call which has led to severe stress. My youngest daughter needs minding, as her leg is sore, so Fatherly duties are on the agenda.As most Dads know, these tasks can be hard work. Less time to check out any footy news, demand to spend quality time together, and so on. Well, given that daughter's leg is getting better anyway, but she ....

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Thursday. The Ninth Of June.

THURSDAY. THE NINTH OF JUNE.   A very significant day. Very. The news had some important subjects. A brief foray into Radio 4 saw the Archbishop of Canterbury slagging the Government off for not caring about the poor and vulnerable., and Norman Tebbitt politely told the Church to buggar off. Shades of Thatcher's clashes in the early 80s. I am sure that the Tories are not that bothered, as ....

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Brians Blog: Wed June 8

WED. JUNE 8       Up early to catch up with the news. Well, to make a coffee, have a tab, and check what the new NUFC family group have been discussing on Facebook. Characters are getting together from all over the world, literally, and opinions range from euphoria to despair in the space of a few hours. That sums up life with NUFC. Rumours abound, as the season is over, and we ....

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State Of Our Game - One Year On

  In a PlayersInc magazine a year ago, I produced a piece on my own views, common to those of increasing numbers of fans, speculating upon the state of the game and its future. It referred to the Ostrich in the Sand, meaning those in the higher echelons in football, including a large section of the players themselves.  The usual suspects were mentioned. FIFA, UEFA, our own sweet FA, ....

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We've Got Terry, Terry, Terry, Terry Hibbitt, On The Wing, On The Wing

    A previous piece wrote of the blistering powerhouse Number 9 that was Supermac in his prime. We recalled his goals and terror which faced many a defender when he took off up the pitch like a raging bull. All know of his name, but far less, outside certain generations, are aware of his key assistant. Sure, he had John Tudor as his able partner up front, but as anyone in the Army or ....

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The Jewel Inside Britain - An Ancient Land Of The 3 Rivers

    A small article to describe just what old Northumbria, a previously independent kingdom, and still a very distinct region stretching from Berwick to the Boro and just beyond, offers. Canny difficult task.   The idea of a brief piece on our region came from a contribution made to a Southern Spanish tourist brochure about Granada, which allowed some space to introduce aspects ....

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A Living Legend

  Way back in the summer of 1971,  a 21 year old brash Cockney arrived in town. Nowt particularly new about that, but this young man was no ordinary visitor. He would soon have his Geordie passport officially stamped and he carries it to this day. His name was, officially, Malcolm Macdonald. His name was soon changed to Supermac. He was about to wear  the Number 9 shirt, and all ....

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Farewell To A Mag

He was stocky, and red-haired. Aside from that hair colour, there was only one other red aspect about him, namely, his red passionate blood running through his veins. He probably would have changed the colour of that blood to black and white if medical science had allowed it! His love affair with NUFC was intense, and like us all, could lead to humiliation as well as happiness, but there was ....

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Black And White Exile

A combination of finance, or lack of it, and a health problem, forced me last season into the unenviable position of being temporarily removed from my home. Not the one with the dodgy roof, but the one at the Cathedral on the Hill. No point in dwelling on money issue, we all face that sometimes, and whilst the Mag Freemasonery offer you a free ticket if you are fit enough, you can only accept ....

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