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Big Push #time4change

    Coalitions can be hard work, at times.  Politics teaches you that, in whatever context. We have one in the UK now, which certainly seems to be rocking in heavy seas. But this piece is not about Political Parties coming together to pursue their aims, whether people like those goals or not. No. Am talking about a coalition of forces involving NUFC fans, which has been rapidly, ....

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A Thought

After some thought, which is always dangerous, as We Know What Thought did, the only way to force Michael Ashley out of Newcastle is to use all various, but peaceful , means available to make his company, Sports Direct, TOXIC.Obviously, there are many, many ways of setting this in motion. Whether via revelations of his financial dealings - in passing, via a football club toy he owns - all the way ....

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Count Me Out - Mackem Hysteria And Our Version Of The Smb

For quite a long time now, I have become bored and irritated by a growing numbers of Mags who seem obsessed by SAFC. It was always the view of loads of us that that kind of thing should be left to the Mackems, as most of them seem to analyse our every move, utterance, activity, even when they themselves are actually playing! That is one of the reasons why they are labelled SMB.   But I ....

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Just A Football Club Far More Than That

I have long held the view that Newcastle United are not exactly your average football club. And I am not talking about events both on and off the pitch, because I don’t really feel like going down that path! No. I am expressing a view that this institution represents far more in terms of simply footy.  This is a little, canny proud region, somewhere between England and Scotland, ....

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Letter To Michael Ashley

    Dear Mikey I was really cheesed off, mate, to see that you are getting grief from those troublesome and rebellious Geordies. As we have often said, over drinks in casinos, they can be a pain in the arse, but you usually can sort them out. Seems this time, mate, as far as I have heard, they are kicking off big time, over your considered, sensible move, to silence the press up ....

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Marching On Together – A Walk Against The Ashley Regime

  Apologies for nicking a Leeds song – never one of my favourite clubs anyway, to say the least – but a pretty good number of NUFC did precisely that on Saturday morning. Marched on Together. As the dust settles temporarily. And I stress  temporarily,  I just wanted to write a quick report on the peaceful and very successful March which took place in our city against ....

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A Sunday With Nufc Legends - For The Joe Harvey Appeal

    I took my oldest daughter to a special occasion on Sunday – or rather, she took me to it, as she is the car driver.  The event was called the Mackem Slayers, but I should add that there was no medieval ritual taking place involving any SAFC fans being put to the sword.   No. The event was a fund-raising exercise for the Joe Harvey Appeal, which seeks to raise ....

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These Boots Are Made For Walking – Time For Change March

THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKING –  TIME FOR CHANGE MARCH   Good song from Nancy Sinatra. These Boots are made for walking, that is what they are gonna do, one of these days, these boots are gonna walk all over  you. I should stress from the outset that, although I may be putting my bigger boots on, depending on weather conditions, they will be on my feet in a very ....

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North East Enders. Life At The Queen Vic...aka St James Park.

  Many years ago, a group of us used to laugh at EastEnders. ‘Ole Tizer bumping off Young Nazza, Lizza knocking about with Wozza on the side, and Owsa running off with Geeza, etc.  We had our own north east take, and felt we could do a better one in terms of where we lived at the time.   Well,  our idea has finally come to fruition. Except the NorthEastEnders soap is ....

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Brian Hall Chronicle Blog On Nufc

EVENING CHRONICLE BLOG   I am cutting straight to the chase here  The football club which matters so much to the people of this city, and so many in this region, has been treated with utter contempt by the current owner, Mister Michael Ashley. Since a bairn of 6, thrown into the deep end at the Leazes End in the 60s, I have learnt, like so many others,  to enjoy the many highs ....

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Time For Change?

  Last week,  I attended a little meeting in the Percy Arms in toon – a place that in itself brought back memories of many a NUFC home match over the decades. I, for my sins, have been in a few meetings over the decades. On all kinds of subjects, issues, and campaigns. Some of those I prefer to forget, some I  remain pleased that I attended. But the one I somehow landed in, ....

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MARRIAGE By Brian Hall   Not for the first time the other day, I was thinking of marriage. Not about my own previous two, that is, but the one I ended up in with a Lady called NUFC. She had failed to show up for a Sunday with West Ham, and a mini-blow to our relationship took place. This was simply a little blip, but it reminded me that at least when I said I do to those two women - who ....

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Nufc - Letter Of Thanks To Michael Ashley

    Dear Mike   I attended a meeting last night at the Labour Club, where I was privileged to hear a representative of the club we both love dearly. Me and you, that is, Mike. Your man seemed a nice lad – and I mean that , as he was put in a chair to inform us of all your plans for our club. I felt he had a difficult task, Michael. I was slightly baffled by some ....

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Diary Dates. July 31, Newcastle Labour Club, 6.30 Pm

    I have a notoriously bad record at noting down dates. People over  the years have bought me calendars, diaries, all kinds of reminder systems have been attempted. Obviously, I know of a couple coming up in early August. One is a wedding of a mate from Winlation, and another is the arrival of 2 ex-colleagues, Italian lasses in toon for the day a week later.   However, ....

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A Row In A Magpies Nest.

  As anybody who cares for our football club, with bloody passion all the way to bloody kicking off, the toon sites show plenty of that. I happen to like the Mags Nest one. Tell ya what, there are some kick offs gannin around on that one, and i have to admit that i am not exactly innocent, or restrained, inside the punch-ups! I happen to be a Hardliner, regarding the Shysters running our ....

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Run For Home - A Message To The Regime In Charge At Our Club

    This is just a personal view, and obviously, in no way, means  that it expresses the view of the ToonTalk site in general. No. Just my shoot from the hip instinct, after some thought, that is. To get straight to the point, Our Club is getting shafted, and has been for most of the time,  under this regime of Mr Ashley and his mates for a canny period.  No point in ....

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Michael Owen ! Short But Not So Sweet!

    I have to admit to a dark secret immediately before writing about the revelations that seem to be coming from Mr Owen, about his love of our club, our region, everything really on his time , or lack it, rather up here.   I, as is usually the case, was totally wrong about the Blessed Michael.  I was one of the 20, 000 – aye, 20,OOO – who managed to find time ....

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John Hall Era

    I thought about the time when John Hall – don’t really call anybody Sir, but that is me – finally managed to shift an old NUFC regime in, what now, seems a distant past. He, and so many other forces, had combined together to attempt to create a rightful place in world football terms, just exactly where our  fans deserve to be sitting at.   John had a ....

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Public Meetings – A Labour Club In Toon

  Some  people have either had to attend a public meeting, or often ended up at one due to their strong feelings about a contentious issue, all the way from a hospital closure to an allotment fee rise.  Just to stress quite how sad my life has been, I have often ended up at such events, due to previous jobs , or just  strong feelings, in the past.  I actually, all ....

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North East Enders. Life At The Queen Vic.................aka.....sjp

  Many years ago, a group of us used to laugh at EastEnders. ‘Ole Tizer bumping off Young Nazza, Lizza knocking about with Wozza on the side, and Owsa running off with Geeza, etc.  We had our own north east take, and felt we could do a better one in terms of where we lived at the time.   Well,  our idea has finally come to fruition. Except the NorthEastEnders soap ....

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Nufc Fans – A Tribute To The Most Passionate Fans In World Football.

    Tributes to people, and all kinds of organisations, are often made, and most of them, deservedly so. I want to record a tribute of my own to a group. They go under the name of NUFC fans, Mags.  I should stress that I am not courting popularity. Quite frankly, I am not bothered about that kind of stuff. And I am not writing this with regard to the fact that I myself am a ....

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A Joke That Is Not Funny – Jokin’ Ere, Mate, .... Aint Amusing

    Well,  where to start? OK.  I am just going to write about a very, very, big punch in the face, for Mags. And me.  Possibly, and that does say a lot, the biggest hit on my head that I can certainly ever remember, after decades of cash spent from all of us who love the NUFC , Boards taking the piss, players free-riding , etc, etc.    Not even going ....

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Nufc Odds And Ends – On The Day Of Our National Anthem. 1862

  As that wonderful yellow thing in the sky has been removed by clouds,  I thought I met as well throw myself into a ToonTalk blog. A kind of thoughts from abroad thing, well, from the north end of Heaton actually.   Anyway,  today is a noteworthy occasion in itself. The Ninth of June, 1862, on a Summer’s Afternoon. Our national anthem day.  A potential ....

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Nufc Fans’ Summer Arguments – Best And Worst Managers!!

    I stumbled into a right plot and a half the other day.  Given that we have no games to look forward to, or analyse what happened in the one the other day, our minds turn to all kinds of NUFC matters.   I am not talking about crazy transfer speculation, as that is totally boring. Just keeps the footy journalists trying to write something, or the taxi driver and that ....

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Early Summer For Mags

  Aye. That time of the year, when we all end up without any game on the horizon, or behind us, when  we can all argue with each other about what might happen, or did happen.   Dont get me wrong. I love proper summers, and worship the Sun – the yellow one, that is, not the shite one produced by Murdochs. Any sign of that shining thing in the Sky – again the proper ....

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