By Brian Hall
Friday 02 Sep 2011 20:09:00
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Signs and smokescreens, are all in the news at the minute.  Some in football, some way beyond the world of footy. Let us look at some of those outside of the beautiful game, first. We have signs that the Libyan problem is now settling down, and that country is heading into democracy - information source on that comes from NATO, that is. Possibly a smokescreen for a coming scramble for oil, if we are sceptics. Then, some obscure claim emerges that there are signs that the UK economy is recovering. Some bloke in Barnsley has sold more brushes this week, or whatever. Smokescreen possibly to hide figures?  Retail market is in serious difficulty the construction industry is knackered, and today's economic figures in Blighty were not exactly brilliant. Up in our remote Northern ranch - latest economic news is that our region is in a wee bit bother- and the signs aint good.



 Then,  pops up another character, who did not seem to be aware of signposts at all. Niall Quinn, Chairman of a small soccer club in the area, obviously had not seen directions pointing on the Road Map to an event which takes place in September, from just North of the Tyne Bridge all the way to South Shields. That sign says, Niall, Great North Run, This Way. Maybe the SAFC giant and his mates cannot read signs. They have gone and arranged  a game on the same day of one of the biggest annual events in the North East, which publicises our region across the UK and in many other parts of the globe too. A cynic might just wonder if this is a smokescreen, an attempt to try to get Sunderland FC some coverage on the back of such an important event in our part of the world?


Meanwhile, evidence aplenty  of signs and smokescreens further up the Road at SJP.. Sign-reading is the name of the game of fans who follow NUFC, and many read the runes some time ago and saw behind the Smokescreens. Mike Cashley never had any intention of blasting his way into the transfer market before Deadline Day, and neither did his Puppet, Alan Partridge. Wor Mike has been too busy counting other signs -  POUNDS SHILLINGS AND PENCE.- as many of us thought he was always going to do, including a certain Mr Kevin Keegan. Loads of money, mates. Kevin saw the sign alright and the smokescreen - after all, he did try to work with these characters. And the loot, including the Andy Carroll cash, heads into the Sports Direct At NUFC Department.  


I made an attempt to see if i could learn more to see which particular brand of smoke they were trying to put out over to screen the fiasco at St James Park.  I sought out information, pretending to be a freelance Scottish journalist, seeking facts  from the Kremlin, sorry, the ever-in-touch machine of detailed info that comes out of Sports Direct at SJP . After hitting various answer machines, I tried one more number in search of a Press Officer/PR department, and was totally sure that I would find a voice there. I phoned the Corporate Hospitality number, and yes, a human being answered immediately. Surprise, Surprise. I explained that I was not after a box - and  a wave of suspicion and a wall of silence descended. I was told that the PR character was usually at the training ground, but I could have an e mail number and he might get back. I decided to waste no more time, and rang Wraithy of ToonTalk and PlayersInc. At least, Steve has an ability to communicate. He confirmed that, despite the fact that he was mocked at the time about a sign, aye, SportsDirect is gannin on the East Stand.     



Well, I cannot read the signs and smokescreens on the global or domestic economy. I can only guess. I certainly cannot even get into the thinking of Cashley at our place. Does he have shares in a massive pharmaceutical company selling beta blockers, and is making sure they sell big style to calm down the Geordie Nation heart beat? Is he a wild anarchist, determined to bring about a revolution beginning in Geordieland? Or is he just a very silly boy playing with a toy, and having a laugh? I dont know, but I do know one thing.  I have a very big sign available involving 2 fingers  and there ain't no smokescreen covering them. They were used by Winston Churchill to keep the Nazis out of Britain - victory - my V sign and that of so many of us is the reverse one . Get out of our Club, Mr Cashley.




ps   At least,  the hiding Bavarian cow, mentioned in a previous blog, read the signs and smokecreens. She was due for slaughter and she did a bunk. Signs spotted. Then she did not believe the smokescreens. She was not convinced. And last night, she emerged for a bit crack with another bunch of cattle after months on the run. The owner no longer wants to butcher her.   Clever lass.      Remember, the people who own OUR club at this time. We are all as bright as that Bavarian lass. We can read signs and interpret your smokescreens as well as her.                    Tarah

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