By Brian Hall
Sunday 21 Aug 2011 14:38:00
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Sunday morning is traditionally a time to get over a hangover, rest, relax, and indeed for those of Christian Faith, a time to think of the need for compassion, helping out your neighbour, things like that.    


On the recovery front,  there will certainly many bad heads across the North East today, definitely more than the usual percentage, I suspect. For example, when I opened my eyes, I had to shut them immediately - bad hangover - but it did not stop my second feeling blasting in, after the first one had told me that I was suffering a little bit. Number 2 emotion brought no pain though, and temporarily cured my suffering. I remembered an event in our region which took place yesterday. I saw it on Greek telly in the Railway in Walker - despite the fact that Our Claire let me down in the actual commentary. After all, she did do a bit of Ancient Greek but failed in her translation on the commentary.  There again,  it was probably too noisy in the bar for her to use any Ancient Greek skills, and us lot , including her, did not need a translator anyway. They came, they saw, they conquered, eh. OK, said by a Roman, but applies to any Greek observing that tv coverage of our regional get together yesterday.


Back to recoveries. 

I guess that many in the North East will be trying out paracetamol, or a bacon sarnie to ease the bad head. One bunch have an advantage though in  the recovery process. Newcastle fans. That little game down the road will no doubt have the same impact as it did on me this Sunday morning for the Tribe. Temporary, or maybe even permanent cure as they remember the events of  Saturday dinner time. 


As for the other lot, Sunderland fans, albeit a smaller percentage of our proud region, will need more than the latest pharmaceutical solution to their drinking habits yesterday. Wise Men Say, Only Fools Rush In, as the little red and white clan sing. Well, their players certainly did yesterday. Vicious tackles abounded as they realised that the Black and White strip just simply scares them, and then provokes them. As for feeling rough, they should at least take consolation that somebody is feeling even rougher. Mr Bruce, their beloved, or not so beloved, manager, this morning. I dont know if he drowned his sorrows, but I am sure that he will have a headache .If he cannot organise a team to beat us, given our current instability, then when can he get that revenge he so desperately craves.?


Never mind. Sunday is also a time for relaxing, my Sunderland friends. Reading papers, cutting the hedge, going for a walk, that kind of thing. I have a habit of buying a couple of papers to catch up on footy and politics, things like that. No hedge to cut, thank God, for me.  My reading of the press will drop the politics and the things like that stuff - it has already concentrated more on the main news of the weekend. One Nil . Maybe I should ring a SAFC fan, advise him or her NOT to buy a paper, out of an act of kindness.


That brings me to compassion. Enough is Enough, because, after all, Sunday should be a time when we reflect on our behaviour, think of our neighbours, and embrace a feeling for the plight of others. So I strongly believe that we should all join together, and spare a thought for  those Sunderland fans in suffering.



On second thoughts, forget it. Let  Them Eat or Cut Hedges if they have any.  As for Bruce, I would go to church if I was him - and ask for forgiveness for his pretence that he is a good football manager.


Finally, on this pleasant Sunday morning, I would like to give a little Thank You to the Big Man Upstairs. He may not have shown many signs of being a Mag over the decades, but does seem to have a record of wanting us to hold off the SAFC whenever they get too excited.


Blessings to all - in black and white that is. Have a nice day!



Father Brian, O'Brien, or Ryan.



ps       RELIGIOUS THOUGHT FOR THE DAY.                          God may show us the Light one day.....but not at the Stadium of Shite.  The Light does not seem to shine there on Derby Day.



                       Father Brian, O'Brien, or Ryan

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