By Brian Hall
Thursday 18 Aug 2011 11:11:00
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Change of tactics from waiting for the Derby. I have decided to focus on other examples of the art of waiting. Been looking at situations where passing the time is the name of the game. Take the application to be Head of the Met in London, after their top lads were told not to wait around amidst the Murdoch scandal. The original favourite put his CV in yesterday, but that particular Horse in the race is going out slightly on the betting odds. He was the one who said the police sorted out the riots, not the politicians. Not a good thing to say, when the Home Secretary is the one looking at the CVs.



Talking of the Murdochs, they have been standing still too, hovering about to see who might catch up with them next. Another bout of whistle-blowing from one of those up against the wall, Clive Goodman,  has seen their wait over, with revelations that good old Rupert and his son knew a lot about the hacking scandal, as it was talked about every day in their so-called newspapers and general media game.  This latest outburst means they might have to wait for even worse to come out. 


Mind you, one of the best Waiters, and very possibly, a nicer one than those Defenders of the Truth at the News of the World and SKY , has to be that Spanish nun. She has been waiting to meet the Pope for 84 years, as she entered a closed order convent at 19. Now 103, her wait is over, as the Top Man is in Spain this week, and Sister Teresita is gannin out for the first time to have a bit crack with Him. I just hope she does not gan back, and tell the far younger nuns that they could have a great time out in Madrid on a night.


A long wait in prison is facing the 2 lads who got involved in going on that facebook plot when they suggested having a riot up the road. Nobody turned up, but the justice system did, and they are off to prison for 4 years. Whatever our different views are on this sentence, that is certainly a canny spell waiting for the door to open to be let out.


Others have been hanging around to see if the banks would come under control with the regard to their investments in the global arms trade. Their wait for action has proved fruitless, and it has now been agreed that the banks will regulate themselves on that stuff. Suppose we can trust them to do that, and stop such cash being moved into that particular mirky world. After all, we all take the word of a banker at face valuue.


All of us do not have to wait that long on another matter. Just a couple of months at the most really. The private railways are upping their charges massively, and so are the energy companies. No hanging around on that one.


One thing not to wait for either is a healing of the North-South Divide in Britain. They are saying it has come back. Actually it never went away. Dont hang around on any change on that one.


Soapbox over. One person is WAITING DESPERATELY this week for something .Revenge. His second name is Bruce. He is a bloke who wanders around football clubs claiming he is a manager, and landed in Sunderland some time ago. He has a number on his mind - 5-1 - and he believes that his waiting time in the Revenge Room is almost over. Despite my own lack of faith in Alan Partridge, I do have strong belief in Bruce to get things wrong when it matters. 


Let us hope that he has to spend many more months. Waiting 







True fact on NOT waiting.  The British Army decided not to wait with the geordies in the Desert Rats.   Senior commanders reckoned that german intelligence could not possibly understand what they were saying , given that the rest of the British Army didn,t. Those Geordies  were exempted from using code in radio communications with each other. No hanging around on that one for the lads.                                                               AND NO HANGING AROUND ON SATURDAY FOR OUR LADS, PLEASE. DONT WAIT TO PUT A TACKLE IN.                                                    Tarah

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