Hard to support
By Paul Marsden
Friday 05 Aug 2011 07:52:00
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So for years now my black and whites have been a hard team to watch, a hard team to follow.  Mainly due to the ups and downs of the way we play and the constant inconsistency.  Never though until now have I found it so hard to get behind the club.   Of the team I remain the biggest fan.  Of the name I continue to be proud. Support of the name and of the team is easy. The love for both makes this so.  But for as long as we are represented and controlled by fat Mike and his twat of a sidekick I just can’t get behind the club as a package.  Newcastle United, at this moment in time is not a club.  There is the club and the team.  Two separate factions, almost enemies.  One is being destroyed by the other.  

This Joey Barton lark has brought it all to light.  Yes you should not publicly criticise your bosses but I for one am so glad that he has.  It needed said.  Probably not by Joey, but who else was going to say it?  Pardew? For all doing nothing wrong has no say.  He doesn’t mind this though; he appears to be happy being the lap dog.  The Fans? Like anybody up there gives a shit about us.  The senior players? There are not many I class as more senior than Joey.  Everybody knew deep down what was going on and now that something has been said the rest of the country can appreciate what is happening. Fat Mike’s priorities, as I have said so many times before are in the wrong place all together.  We need players, we need top players.  Can anybody explain to me why, as the owner of one of the countries great football clubs is he sitting with success on the pitch right at the back of his mind?  Writing an article about what is going on at our club has become almost impossible as nobody can understand.  Nobody can actually work out what that southern prick is actually doing.  You can run any shop you like in this way, but surely the success of a football club is not based on your bank balance. 

After Januarys topping up our transfer budget, if that’s even what it is should be bursting.  We have actually made more profit in terms of transfer fees in the last few weeks.  So where is it going? I don’t want the money wasted, and I am realistic but stop telling me that the players we have signed are enough.  It doesn’t wash.  Finding positives out of this summer is like, well like getting rid of Mike Ashley once and for all.  It’s not very easy.  

The players who have come in are actually showing promise, but I want to rely on some proven quality.  Not promise.   There’s a lot of money there to spend.   Persuade the few key players we have left at the club to stay and go and replace the ones you got rid of with better players.  You said the money we got for Andy Carroll was over the odds, too good to turn down, which means you thought you can get better players for the money.  Go and prove it big lad.


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