By Brian Hall
Thursday 28 Jul 2011 10:59:00
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The scheduled time for the appearance was at 3.30, but due to delays, the court session began at 4.15. The fan was obviously unnerved and anxious by the change of time, as he was wearing his best gear, and had pysched himself up before he faced the Mag-istrates. After an hour hearing, he was sent down. Shattered. He felt like a beaten man, which of course he was. The sentence was pretty harsh in the context. Community time. Or. Actually , more Quality Time, with his daughters. It was me, of course, having foolishly arranged a tennis match with 3 daughters. As we all agree, sport is generally good for us - but the court meeting has done little for my morale. It simply reminded me that my sporting days are over - apart from pool and dominoes - and that my dreams of playing for the Toon at footy or starring at Wimbledon are simply that. Dreams.


Talking of dreams, have that appropriately named FA woke up yet? The Murdoch Empire up against the wall, which could well impact upon SKY. The economic situation - let us not dwell on that too much today, except to say the government is still in Court, 

 and the sweeping disillusionment with the footy players overpaid , AND  the cost of gannin to see a game. I noticed an significant attendance, not in court, but at Ibrox last night. Home to Glasgow Rangers. Canny following usually, especially for a Champions League Qualifier. Attendance....28,828. Forget the opposition, which was Malmo. Remember the capacity at the Home of the Gers - 51,082. Maybe it is just me but I find that a bit of SIGNIFICANT sign, as whatever anybody says about the Scottish league, the Glasgow of either colour normally turn up in style for a blast into the Champions League. In my humble opinion, that is a smoke signal going way beyond North of the Border. Time for the top people in our game to visit  Court, and get real. 


I have to add that our Mike at the NUFC has obviously been thinking ahead, as ever. Only season ticket holders at SJP can gan to away games. Well done. That means a load of fanatics - if they scrape the loot together - cant go away, as they certainly cannot scrape that loot together for the price of a season ticket. And of course, Wigan, Bolton, Blackburn, and many other clubs will be in a fret. They need the NUFC away ticket sale badly, more than ever. Can you explain that in Court, Mike?


Sorry to dwell on court cases, but I have to admit that a documentary last night certainly shook me, and was certainly leading to some major legal, or illegal, activity. The piece involved coverage of hooliganism in Poland, usually organised by neo-Nazis. My God, if we think the North East Derby is bad, take a look at the one in Cracow. Our's used to be pretty grim, has slowly returned to a 70s style pattern, but that Polish one............!!!!! We are used to Northumbria Police cancelling all leave, and Durham Police too if it is screened live, but that is a long way from martial law being declared 2 days before the Derby. Not good timing if anybody plans to visit that part of Poland on holiday when that game kicks off, literally.


Enough of the beautiful game. An anniversary is coming up on July 28, the day when, in 1923, a bloke who was mistaken for the Bishop of Durham was hoyed into the river by miners. Naturally, this led to court appearances.........he was only an assistant at the Cathedral, it was later reckoned, but I suppose he should not have ventured near a big miners' protest following the comments of his Boss that telt the pitmen to get back in their holes. I wonder what the sentences were ...........


Today's blog may seem rambling, disorganised, and in a shambles. That is simply because the blog writer has been in court at 4.15 and has to play sport - dominoes actually - with 2 of the Daughter tennis court players. Lovely stuff really, although the downside is a rambling, disorganised Dad, in a shambles.




ps time.                     the above is written in haste, for reasons explained in the above para.......................but need to end on a good note, involving no sign of a court. Our lass's nephew Simon works out in Australia at the minute, and facebooked her to say he had had his best working day yet. It seems that a mate of his, a Korean lad, cut his fingers on a broken tile, looked at the damage - to his finger, that is - and then fainted. As he did so, he succeeded in banging his heed on a wheelbarrow. Oops! Bet the Korean mate gets a canny bit sympathy the mora..................................tara.              


pps longer blogs to bore everybody to death will commence soon, as all daughters are evacuating to various parts!! No more court for this Single Dad for 2 weeks after Friday!!!!                      






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