By Steve
Wednesday 27 Jul 2011 08:54:00
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There is an old saying that everybody needs a Plan B if things gan wrong. The government got itself in a bit of a pickle over a discussion a few weeks ago on their Plan. There was some heated discussion going on over whether, if the economy continued to hiccup, or belch actually, they had a Plan B. They said they could not mention a Plan B, as it might mean that they did not believe in Plan A. Today, it has bounced back on the agenda after signs that Plan A is not exactly doing well. Cut as fast as you can, slash the country to pieces, and ask the private sector to grow. Quickly!  The problem is that neebody, or loads of us, have nee money which knackers the privates, so to speak. The latest line is a belter - parts of the government are now saying that there could be a Plan A Plus to be discussed.


It made me wonder if we, NUFC, have a Plan A Plus, or even a Plan C, let alone a Plan B, under Mr Ashley et al. Or do we even have a Plan? 


Whatever, the Heaton area of Toon had no need of a Plan B, as Plan A normally functions well in these increasingly difficult times. Our place has set up its own International Monetary Fund. It is based upon the same principles of international economics. Somebody borrows 20 pounds off somebody, another lends money to another, and another somebody gets a loan paid off, which then puts somebody else back into a stable position.  Our only real danger in this Heaton alternative IMF system is if one of the somebodies's government falls into default, which then has a knock on effect on the rest of all the somebodies' economies in the  area. The very flawed somebody government is then allowed time of course, but if their reputation falls apart, then our IMF system tends to recover after such a blow, and they fall out of the monetary system. It should be stressed that this regulation is implemented if the reputation for disobeying the rules of the system stems from simply taking the p. Overall, the Heaton Global Financial System continues to survive, which is more than can be said for the other one across the world.


Enough of that, but Plans are everything. The London Olympics are after a Cunning Plan - Blackadder, by the way, for those who have not seen that brilliant stuff. Apparently, they are slightly agitated that neebody has worked out that the transport system - cuts, or lack of investment, again - that a load of visitors might land and need to move about to see the Games! Obviously, it wont bother Geordieland too much, but it is certainly bothering Seb Coe and whoever else down there.  



Another lack of a plan seems even more worrying, and this could have an impact on us up here. I have read about a dispute between an Indian company and Durex, which could lead to a major shortage of blobs - sorry, condoms. Apparently, the case is now in the hands of courts and investigationary bodies. If unresolved - this lot cover 40 per cent of the market - this could obviously risk a serious case of unplanned arrivals. 



Weh, in short, am baffled by all the plan debates, and lack of planning. I need to worry about my own plans. Some are medium term

for my diary, if I could find it that is. Even Wraithy at PlayersInc has agreed to find a slot for me next week, which could indicate that my popularity is growing, or he is ganna tell me to stop writing drivel. Sport is obviously still on the agenda, and given that I was not invited to the Duke of Edinboro's annual Polo day out, am sticking with a bit cricket, having tasted the drug which I avoided for years. I fancy a return to Benwell Hill to see another match this coming month, and am feeling even more ambitious. Durham CC at Chester for a day if I can.



As for short term Plans, I had no choice on one really. Middle daughter asked for a game of scrabble, and no refusal allowed on that one. I love beating her - she is 11 - but hate losing to her. Sports and games for all, eh.


So, signing off time - just like Enrique really, one of the best left backs around in the Premiership.


Tek care and see the massive readership of the blog the morra. 




ps how about a good news story, especially after economic gloom and that horrible Norwegian slaughter. Read about a bloke in South Africa. Honestly. He was pronounced dead, with no movement, etc, in his body. He was duly placed in a local morgue locked refrigerated compartment, only for staff to hear a noise many hours later. He asked did I get here.....mind you, we all might have added a bit Anglo-Saxon into that phrase. He is now stable in hospital, should be fine soon, and his family are over the moon. Now, I bet he is pleased that the potential Plan for him failed. And so am I.                   Tarah

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