By Brian Hall
Tuesday 26 Jul 2011 16:25:00
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A Newcastle fan has been released, after his involvement in a major pitch invasion. No, it did not involve Darlington away. It involved me, and my apartment in Heaton. Early morning saw the arrival of 2 younger daughters, swiftly followed by Oldest Daughter, Claire. The invasion involved some ugly scenes - noise levels rose in the stadium, and although police tried to intervene - me, that is - the situation was getting out of hand. As the 3 ladies discussed their next tactics, it was decided that the pitch had to be cleared at all costs. In short, they escorted themselves off to Paddy Freeman Park, via Sainsburys to pick up a picnic. I was released, and the silence was, is, bliss.


Before the girls departed, the youngest had been to the shop - more expense of course - and brought back the Journal on my orders. I saw the back page headline - Alan Partridge keen on signing 2 big players. Forgive my cynicism, but my immediate reaction was that he means he has found 2 lads from Durham and Denton who are ower 6 foot 6. My faith in the present regime is not exactly high, to be polite. 


Never mind, there is always next season as they say. At least events at SJP have saved me a bit money - I am no gambler as such, but I have a daft habit of putting daft fivers on us winning the League Cup- or Coca Pepsi Barclays Cup whatever it is called this season, and also put a more daft bet on us winning the FA Cup. Obviously, my maturity developed to some extent, as bets on us winning the Premiership have long since ceased to be placed. But the bit money is saved this year - nowt on the NUFC winning either Cup. Sorry to be a miserable git.


Getting away from miserable sentiments, yesterday saw a brilliant occasion. Me and my lass went to a cricket match, yes, a cricket match. And it was superb. Benwell Hill Club held a 20-20 tournament, semi-finals included, all for the price of two pound entry.What a day! The entertainment was excellent, the atmosphere was excellent, and the collective effort of the cricketers and the people who voluntarily keep the club going was excellent too. With no disrespect to those north of the river - and especially the West End, the 2 Durham sides made it to the final. Us Durhams usually win, obviously. Maybe the air south side of the Big River just ensures that. The main thing that struck me, as I learnt more about the Benwell Hill Cricket Club, was they keep on going, keeping up the tradition, and so on - by themselves, with a little bit help from sponsor friends.


By themselves, eh. Just like the PlayersInc initiative pulling together the ex-NUFC team from the 90s to replay the game against the Red Scousers .  A revisit to that horrible game - dont want to mention the score - and I only hope that the result will lead to a victory for us this time. All money will gan to charities. Advert over, but there could be crowd trouble. A mini bus from Heaton is already being arranged. If we sort it out, Wraithy.


Finally,,looking at the subject of doing things by ourselves, noticed this morning that our region is going to miss out on a new rail link. London to Manchester. Strange one, as I seem to recall that this place really invented the railways........we cannot build a railway by ourselves, but maybe we can all just say that we will just get on with it, in true North Eastern style. Amongst ourselves.



Hate to finish in ranting mood. There has been a second pitch invasion, and unfortunately, I am having to face it by myself. The lasses came back!!!




Nice to back in the region, despite pitch invasions. And to see us lot up here doing things, like the Benwell Hill CC, Players Inc, and so many other groups in action. Cheers ya up, eh. 

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