By Brian Hall
Monday 11 Jul 2011 12:36:00
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Before anybody gets too excited by this headline, it should be stressed that it was the Shearer Number 9 top that moved the other day, and NOT Big Al himself. Nevertheless, this was seen as a significant move, by me. Having talked footy, amongst other things, over a couple of weeks with the local bar owner and his family, I decided to give the top as a present. It is now on display there. A massive sacrifice, yes, but they have given it a good home, and it will be seen by hordes of British and German visitors. Including any Manure, Scouse, or of course, Mackems.


Leaving behind my temporary role as Ambassador to the NUFC, I flicked into, which only confirmed what I expected. Biffa, no lackey of the official regime , confirmed that the French Revolution is well under way at SJP. Maybe my mate Gus was right about me getting a job with Ashley’s lot as a French interpreter after all, but I doubt it. But maybe he was bloody right that not much loot is ganna be spent on players this summer.  The regime line was that money, ie the Andy Carroll deal, was staying in the club – but what does that exactly mean? It sounds like a bloke telling you that he has selt some good gear, and the cash is stopping underneath his bed, and gannin neewhere.


Having depressed myself checking into, sorry Biffa, no offence, I decided to move on. Quickly. Time for a walk along the beach to see the views. Honestly, the views of the sea and mountains in the distance, before anybody thinks that I was just looking at sights on the beach itself. The sunglasses came in handy – for looking at those inspiring views. Of the sea and mountains of course.


This place is full of British and German holidays, and of course, has a tiny exiled community of Brits who have made their home here. That effectively means that it is a village much smaller than the size of Shiney Row or Pity Me. And because of that, it has its good and bad side to it. The good is that some of them stick together, and are very close to each other, helping each other in difficult times. The bad is that an element of them enjoy knowing that somebody has farted at the other end of the small village, or even alleging that somebody has farted there, even if they didn’t. You get the picture.


Talking of pictures, the big local news in the papers earlier this week was dominated by photos and accompanying articles of the clearance from the main square in Palma of the Indignados. The groups, mainly unemployed young people, have been sitting on and off in squares across Spain for weeks , in protest at the massive joblessness. Bigger unemployment rate than Britain. These protests have been peaceful, but a couple of police clearances have led to violence.  A familiar debate emerged – the police blamed a minority of troublemakers, the youth blamed police brutality. Depends which side of the fence you are on, I suppose.


Finally, one side of the fence I am definitely on, and it seems that the whole of the UK is on, too, is reaction to the disgusting activities of the News of the World and its tappings of phone calls.

 That Murdoch Empire has finally been seen to  have crossed the line. I have followed the tapping allegations story for a while, and notice that it has now imploded. Anybody who knows my views on the Sun and News of the World will not be surprised at my total lack of

sadness to see that the latter will be no more after Sunday.


 In a previous blog, I showed  slight concern that Mr Murdoch might sue me and try to nick my telly – worse, even sue PlayersInc, and nick their’s as well. Such a prospect is clearly not on their agenda now, so both me and Wraithy can breathe a sigh of relief on that one. Murdoch has other things to worry about, like losing out on the big SKY/BSB decision due September.


So, only one more News of the World. But they better not try to recreate it and call it the Sunday Sun. The Geordie nation will take them on if they try that. Our’s was there first. Bad enough having lost our coal, ships, steel, and manufacturing – but to get the Sunday Sun name nicked might just get us all out in the main squares , just like the Spanish youth, from Berwick to Boro.                                                 Tek care           Bry


Ps   I forgot to mention that I had good news yesterday. Released figures indicate that the readership of this Blog has stablised at 2 – me and Mr Wraith.




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