By Brian Hall
Wednesday 06 Jul 2011 22:20:00
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A serious delay has occurred in reports from events over here, namely, recurring internet problems,  hearing difficulties,  bad stomach, and a sliced thumb incident. ONLY

the first, e mail connection problem, is not my fault!! More of that later.


The early part of the weekend led me to varied views on the Spanish footy game. Of course, everybody here seems to support Barcelona or Real Madrid, with Real

 Mallorca popular with most as well. A couple of the local lads in the bar stressed to me their concern about the crazy money being spent on players at the top end of the game. All this, they said, against a background of serious economic problems amongst ordinary people. Anybody recognize Home from Home on that one?


However, there are some interesting, alternative views to this financial bedlam spent by the clubs on transfers, wages, etc. One major columnist for a big national paper came up with a few suggestions. He dwelt on one shared by some

in Britian, including me for what that s worth, that a European-wide agreement reducing the salaries of players is one way.  Only one flaw in that, I thought. Europe seems to have enough on its plate at the minute.


Anyway, this journalist certainly then went for the jugular and this could

Be very bad news for all the experts who spend hours analyzing tactics and strategy IN TV studiosand on TalkSport, etc. He reckons that footy is actually a SIMPLE game – you defend, you score, you defend , you score. Obviously, he said more about marking, tackling, etc. But his basic point  was that those endless list of characters sitting in those

 tv studios or radio stations discussing whether that second corner was a ploy  to upset the reserve left back sitting on the bench, or whether it was conceded as a psychological blow to the opposition manager’s 1-4-7-3-5 system, were paid ower much and talked hours of



 In short, he reckoned that they could all continue to over-analyse if they wanted to, but only on a wage double of the minimum salary in Spain!!!! Beware, Andy Gray, etc, if this idea catches on, eh.


Moved away from Spanish footy news, and watched a replay of the Argentina-Bolivia game around the corner at a Spanish bar. That South American Cup is big news here, and there are some good matches. One very noticeable thing is that the ball never seems to

Go up in the air much, save for a crossfield pass, a cross across the box, or , obviously

A corner.

  Wonder what Little Sam et al would make of all this……………….

…..and would they even recognize the game as something to do with football?


Just in case anybody is interested, or even bothered, I must stress here that I don’t spend all my time looking out football stories or game. I have a huge, wide-ranging collection of interests….erm…erm. Aye, here is one. Music. As  we all know, music can provoke all kinds of emotions. Memories. Joy, fun, laughter, all sorts. I had a touch of the blues, for example, over a couple of songs, and those blues had me reeling. Worse than a kick in the heed, by far. But. And there is a big But.


Those blues were certainly not as a result of listening to the Blues Brothers live. Friends of Trev and Mo, mein hosts, the 2 blokes got together a few years

 ago. What an act! Alan and Paul base their stuff on a tribute to Blues Brothers films, complete with full regalia. They go their act over here until winter, and then gan back to the UK. The lads are due in Darlington this December, and used to do Tall Trees at Yarm. The latter used to be the weekend home – or seemed to be anyway- of Our Grace, one of my nieces, when they used to hire some kind of shabby bus ltd from Washington down to there. Anyway, the Blues Brothers, a mad and brilliant act, can do one thing, amongst others. Lift the blues!


Finally, going to sign off, as need to attend to ears problem, stomach problem, and sliced thumb problem.


And the Geordie in Madrid?? She appeared on tv on Saturday. The Foreign Secretary of the USA, Hilary Clinton. Did you know that her great, great, kind of great, grandfatha, or was it grandma, came from Stanley, County Durham? To be fair, not a lot of people kna that.            But if the Irish can claim links with everybody on earth, then us lot can claim any Geordie links gannin. Full stop.                                 Best wishes and NUFC for ever




Notice no mention of NUFC and its current leadership. No comment            

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