So predictably unpredictable
By Paul Marsden
Tuesday 21 Jun 2011 09:13:00
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So we have hit another summer and it seems that the stereotypical rollercoaster that is Newcastle United is set to carry on as quick and as unpredictable as ever.  Ironically it seems that being unpredictable is the only predictable thing about our black and whites. 

A good return to the top flight last season despite the obvious downsides mentioned plenty in previous articles had everybody going into the summer in good spirits with a watchful eye on what the fat man intends to do with his new found wedge.   Yohan Cabaye, Demba Ba and Sylvain Marveux have so far arrived and it appears that there are a good few more on the horizon.  For me these guys are all pleasing arrivals.  Cabaye, I know very little about but word has it he is quite the player.  Demba Ba did very well in a shocking hammers side last term and Sylvain Marveux is a very exciting player.  He is a player that has a lot of quality and much like the returning Hatem Ben Arfa has every chance to become a hero at St James.  His fitness though is always a worry and I just hope that this Kieran Dyer like gut feeling that I have is completely wrong.  I’m still waiting to see what the club have lined up in the way of a big name striker.

 So far Mr Ashley has not spent a penny of the Andy Carroll money yet he appears to be conning the fans into thinking the summer is going really well.  The sale of Nolan covers all the aforementioned incomings and the potential sales of Best, Barton, Gutierrez, Enrique and Colo will cover any more that come in.  Surely with that thirty-five million chewing a hole in his back pocket these sales are not needed.  We have a little bit of power to build on what we have.  I have mentioned it before; we have the foundation for a great side.  Don’t force us into starting again.  We just need to build on what we have. 

The Nolan situation I just don’t get.  I have said plenty times before that I am not his biggest fan but I just see no reason for us to let him go.  What he has achieved at the club for his goals record alone is fantastic.  There is something other than a five year deal causing this distress in the dressing room.  Yes, we offered the lad a three year deal, and yes, he turned it down.  Would he really of turned down a decent three year deal at a premier league club where he had the armband if there wasn’t something else up?  At the end of the day, after that deal he would have only been 31 and don’t try to tell me that a championship side wouldn’t have seen him in their side for two years after that.  The fans appear to have turned slightly against Kevin Nolan for asking for five years.  I agree, I wouldn’t have given him it but I’m sure it wouldn’t have taken too much to get him to accept a three year one. 

Why blame any of the players? With Mike Ashley’s track record why would you blame anybody but him?  I have nothing against Pardew but this is the reason that he was brought in.  So that there was nobody standing in the way when Mike Ashley’s non-footballing brain wanted somebody out the door.  I don’t believe that any of the players that have gone or any of the players that I expect to go actually want to leave our club.  To say it is out of their hands is a bit farfetched, but I believe that the board have far too much to do with it.  Look at Joey Barton, it seems he is looking for every reason to stay at the club, he doesn’t want to go, yet all he seems to find are reasons to go.  The dressing room has been our strength.  A happy bunch of players fighting for OUR cause yet somehow there is something breaking it up when all it needs is expansion.  We know that the French lads take some settling and there are no certainties that they will adapt.  We need the backbone of the current squad to help them do that.  Can we really expect our most recent signings to roll up their sleeves, take off their gloves and really give it for us? Look at players like Enrique, Colo and even Nolan to an extent.  We saw what happened when we threw them in and they weren’t ready or settled.

I hope they all stay.  I hope that I am over reacting and as ever hope that I am proved wrong, but since the fat cockney twat took over I have gone from one of the most positive black and whites to one of the most negative.  I even blame Mike Ashley when my tea gets cold or our lass asks me to do the dishes.  

Paul Marsden

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