By Beppy Marriot
Monday 13 Jun 2011 13:19:00
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YMC has got to be one of the most underrated labels kicking about, this company first earned a place in my wardrobe 9 years ago when they hooked up with Dunlop to make some rather bizarre rubber soled trainers. I don’t know if I’m the only one that does this but as soon as I get some new clobber I just stare at it, sometime’s for hours, I got this trait when I got my 1st pair of white Nike air max classics when I was 10... Sadly enough 15 years ago now but I can still remember playing curby in the street and walking across the road with my hands in pockets looking down at the lessening white mesh, so 15 years on if I still do that, I know i love them. This is what my purple and blue paisley YMC’s did to me.


With one of the most awful winters I think we’ve ever had to go through, I along with everyone else couldn’t wait to see the back of my brown wax cottons and get into summer (all this by December isn’t a good start) so when I sore YMC’S new collection in mid January, I fell head over heels in love!


Iv not met many clobber minded people that don’t have outerwear at the top of their list of loves, that’s more than likely simply down to the fact that you cant be at your best without one. If I had 1p for everyone that says “what yee wearing a jacket for in this weather” id be a very rich nippa but in my opinion the heat of summers the best time for outerwear.


If like me you like your jackets thin, light and bright you’ll love YMC’s summer duffel that they’ve made in conjunction with Gloverall, in all honesty it’s the only jacket that’s in the same league as albams fisherman’s cagoule and that’s a high bar to reach. It comes in yellow, grey and navy with chunky rope ties and gorgeous white teeth my heart flutters every time I see them hanging in my gaff, priced at £250 its one of the best price point for a jacket of this type and in my opinion its well worth buying in both colour ways as iv got an inkling (like the fisherman’s cagoule) a lot of other brands are going to follow in this piece of art works footsteps. Another cool and unique fact of this duffel is the men’s and the women’s coat are exactly the same so if your in the bad books buy the ladies for your missus and keep it for yourself!


No labels ever worth its salt unless it can bring out a collection as fine as its best piece, unfortunately a good few of “casuals” favourite brands have failed to do that, if you’re a keen follower of this page you’ll probably know the ones I’m talking about but at the early stages of their mainline craftsmanship we’ll let them off.  YMC is however one of the collections that’s made to be worn as a collection and with no or very little branding on the products it can be done with ease.


Along with the amazing gloverall YMC have hit the nail on the head with their summer footwear, the best two pieces are the deck shoes and the slip on, both basically the same with little details setting them apart, if like me the amount of topman shoppers sporting boaters last year put you off them YMC is the choice for you, again they come in bright colour ways with either 2 eye’s or soft leather bows both look sleek enough to show skin or coloured socks, trousers and shorts, absolutely spot on.


Over the years iv managed to get my hands on a few great trouser items by YOU MUST CREATE, if your like me though and have the “made to measure bug” it takes a very lucky fit to avoid getting taken to the tailors and I’m happy to say that a few of my YMC pieces have been worn off the peg, the best so far has been a pair that arrived 2 weeks ago under the banner of the classic chino in limited edition salt and pepper, for 125 quid your getting a pair of ultra smart chinos that look great dressed up or down, defiantly a wardrobe must have.


Founded in 1995 in London YMC is pure and simply a brand to be supported by British dressers.






Sticking with the not so mainstream of this months article I thought id talk about a label that I stumbled across the same time as I found the gloverall, est. in 2009 this is a new born brand that’s done well in its baby steps, I thought that this was a good brand to follow up my love for YMC as LIBERTINE LIBERTINE  seems to have the same basic rules.


Anyone who’s had a conversation about clothes with me will probably know how much I dislike ACNE, in all fairness this has only happened because I work in the only mainline boutique store in Newcastle and bizarrely enough ACNE is sold and praised in the same space as Prada, which has got to be the stupidest thing iv heard, being a Paul Weller fan and unfortunately 99.9%  of his other followers are complete tools everyone iv come across that wants a acne item seems to fit into the Paul Weller fan base i.e. people that like something but don’t know why and totally miss the point of the artist. Anyway getting off the point of LIBERTINE LIBERTINE’s plus points with an ACNE rant what I’m trying to get across is that high price points don’t make a brand decent, I don’t like fakers and theirs so many beautiful basics kicking about that jeans company’s that bring out Italian top spec price points on H&M type threads shouldn’t (in my opinion) be encouraged to do so. I do however have a few ACNE items that I wear to kick about the doors so if you do ever see me in a pair of plain pocket jeans, my levis must be in the wash!!!


From this summers LIBERTINE LIBERTINE collection I’m really looking forward to seeing their winter range, iv got a feeling that their going to make some waxa jackets in the future. My favourite items I own from these guys are the chino shorts, bought for around £65 their basically, along with most of their other items, in the same price range as Lyle & Scott vintage, I know most people that will be reading this would welcome some decent items in this price range without the golden eagle on the chest. My other item of choice is the camo howl shirt, iv worn this shirt out and it looks great, it’s a very welcome change from the camo shorts with plain shirt, prices for this shirt are around 110 sheets but its an eye catcher so wouldn’t recommend wearing it to the same place twice as it will be remembered.


If your after a bargain theirs some great past season items kicking around in the sale that in all fairness don’t look past season as their nothing more than great basics.






The last thing I’m going to talk about today is ABINGTON by timberland , timberland shoes have always been a reliable footwear brand, great boaters, great for winter and  always bring out high quality moccasins.


The ABINGTON range of footwear is perfect for that something a little bit more special, defiantly a contender for Saturday’s best.


Inspired by the time when men were men… I think their trying to say their a rugged shoe but still good looking!! Currently being stocked in all good gents shops their a summer evening essential, the price range is a little higher than their current designer range but well worth the extra pennies, the quality of the shoes is outstanding, really nice leather with great stitching and colours, keep your money kicking around the toon and buy from end clothing, the light brown suede moccasin is my choice and for £135 their not going to break the bank.


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