By Walker_D
Tuesday 10 May 2011 09:19:00
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Following on from last months rant about my love of end, I couldn’t really praise those guys like I did and then bypass the passion that the fella’s from eleven put into their venture.

Every thing I love about clobber can be found in eleven, from the basic ground rule of mine being the threads are sold by people who are actually into threads.


Luckily for eleven its managed to hook one of Newcastle’s grate’s as its new manager.. he goes by the name of CLISHY! One of the most recognisable figures in the past 15 years for high class product you know that eleven is going to go from strength to strength, then finding out the main man of the business was the gaffa of Newcastle’s division of strand, this alone should be enough for all you Geordie lads to have a deeksy at their website (I know going to Sunderland is out the question)!


If your into your technical/ outdoor gear your going to feel well at home at the first glance at the product these guys have on offer, id bet my last pound on the fact that if your into Nigel cabourne, eleven will end up being the only place you need to shop!!! (keep your eyes peeled as the buys are going to keep getting better and better)


Yet again im going to have to talk about c.p / s.I product, elevens always been the place to get it from, eleven do their buys for the labels as wearers of the labels which is exactly what’s needed when buying something that very few are aloud to do buys for … total honour but eleven make the grade! If you were to check out the product on the website you will hit the current “January sale” and depending on your size your in for some good product at some very good prices, putting it simply you’ll end up with a canny jacket and enough cash left for a days sesh in the monkey bar, ney bother. The steal of the site on the s.I front has to be the Raso Gommato Jacket only £338, it goes with every pair of jeans I own and iv got a lot of fits.


Not one to want to bore anyone im going to talk about something other than how mint it think the Chester Perry banner is, eleven has much more to it than that, with over 27 labels to choose from on the web site the list is currently growing and growing and has the potential to go all the way and end up with end and strand legacies of “what the fuck was Marcus price like”!!!

No matter what web site im shopping on or for what ever item im after I always check out the Fred Perry stock that the certain shop has to offer and for an unknown reason I always mark the level of the buyers intelligence on what product they’ve chosen. This could possibly be down to the fact that no other label brings out as much range or product than FP so its not hard to get a good buy but if you get it right then you’ve really thought about what your doing, eleven have always got it right, currently you can choose from FP x Raf Simons or laurel wreath you’ll not be disappointed with what’s on offer, sizes and styles are currently low on the website but how can they not be when their reducing raf scarf’s to 30 quid and their selling 80’s style golf patterned jumpers for £85... Their going to fly (and they have).


From the stock that’s on offer you cant help but notice that last seasons buyers could possibly be influenced by British culture and be on the musical persuasion of gadgies such as Paul Weller ?? I could be wrong but I don’t think I am, that in its self is enough to make me have a hunt through what gems could be on offer, must have product for the more concerning modernist (the real modernist) would undoubtedly have to be the Paul smith mainline lemon trousers… cool as a penguins nuts.


From the recent self inflicted demise of elevens women’s wear department things are only going to get better for the fellas, its sad that its had to happen as eleven was one of the very few boutiques that stocked clobber for the smarter females out their, including Paul smith and Fred Perry that was more rare than mainline but this leaves a full new floor for the lads to get their teeth stuck into and considering what we’ve already seen, its going to be worth trotting about with a bird dressed head to toe in Primark to have you looking the dogs bollocks, that’s my opinion anyway.


What the future will hold…


Nothing but good things, more labels and more limited edition collections is my guess! When shop’s like eleven come up I cant urge you to support them enough, the price points are great, the sales are great, the building is eye wateringly cool and the staff/ management are second to none.


Its nice to see radgie blokes sporting cameraman jackets and talking about the 1st stone island shadow project jacket they sore in a shop window whilst in a shop environment. Basically the only 2 shops worth giving any money to from a dressers point of view in the north east of England are end and ELEVEN and eleven is in no means end’s second, its equally as passionate and the product is equally as good and its only going to get better.


Hopefully we could end up seeing more labels like albam and heritage research in the near future but I don’t think that the boys need telling about that considering it was stocking FOLK when every one was saying “what”? but without question 20eleven is their year!

Next step for taking over the world is a website update, I cant spill the beans too much on the subject but iv been told its going to be mega, if only one good thing can come from the new management structure its got to be having an internet obsessed shopper having his say about the internet site, being an obsessive screen shopper myself I can actually not wait to get me mincers on the new set up, its going to be second to non.


Personalities are going to be put into the shop, as a lot of you guys may know already theirs a few obsessed sportswear kids spending their days in the shop already and I don’t think personalities could be catered for more than the limited collections that eleven have been noted for doing since opening its doors but be prepared to see a lot more sporting bits and pieces dotted around the shop undoubtedly the biggest eye catching stuff will be from RAPHA and anything else suitable from high end cycling ranges.


My final words on the eleven subject is KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED, this really is going to go from strength to strength, at a time when the only way to make decent cash is to be away from home the last thing you want to do is spend your hard earned paper on overly priced rubbish… theirs non of that with these guys, its all well thought out high quality gear with great customer service and the best surrounding out their.


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