By Beppy Marriot
Tuesday 08 Feb 2011 10:40:00
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If your asking me then the answer is positively yes!


Those of us that shop in Newcastle will know that unfortunately its never been a hot spot for quality merchants but all that changed 5 years ago when 2 young’uns bit the bullet and brought us what can only be described as a shop that wouldn’t be out of place in the best shopping streets in the world, this is the bollocks.


Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of shopping at Marcus Price but im old enough to remember the joys of strand and aspecto and end clothing will go down with them on the list of greats.

Iv always been a snob when it comes to kids that work in shops i.e. if you’re a bloke that’s not 100% into what their selling then why aren’t they doing a gadgey job and theirs no point in buying clobber off a bird that’s never tried on what your buying!! If anyone’s gone shopping in town for SI or CP I’m guessing you know what I mean, kids in Primark suites and topman shoes just doesn’t cut it but on entering end there is the beginning, it all changes!! Theirs nothing more refreshing then a shop full of young blokes selling clobber that their passionate about, other shops can pretend their staff are interested in their labels but these kids have something that no amount of lectures can give you… 100% pure creative style!


These boys love what their selling and they do so whilst wearing adidas’ with no scuffs and clothes that have been cared for instead of “ill stick that on for graft” and iv fallen in love with the hole set up.


My first memory of the shop was when I was walking past it in the early days and sore a Fred Perry in the window, my mush looked like that of a boy that had sore a pair of boobs for the 1st time, I was absolutely in ore of the item and in all my years of ebaying iv still not found one for grabs, that’s when you know that the people who are buying actually know what their buying instead of just picking the plain stuff out of a designers collection.


From talking to the founders of the shop you might be forgiven in assuming that they wouldn’t be very nice, theirs another assumption that you can hoy out the window, polite, smartly dressed, head on shoulder (extremely young) gents that are keen to constantly source new labels and keep things fresh!


When talking to a certain type of bloke about end the amount of time iv heard people say selling Lyle and Scott’s a total sell out… what a load of utter crud!!! Id love some one to tell me what on earth is selling out about stocking a quality British make that’s tailored off the peg and comes in the most beautiful colour and style ranges that any label has been churning out season after season, year after year, L&S has always and will always be one of my favourite firms, like everything you just need to see the right kid wearing it to do it justice and I have, I love the fact that their XXL is equivalent to other tags M, its great, a tag that’s not garish Gucci but relies on a good frame to pull it off .GREAT.


In all honesty apart from the odd pair of trots from jd’s iv not bought anything from a shop in at least 3 years, why do you need to when you can get everything and more delivered to your door? End have hit the nail on the head again with their website that shows clear product as soon as you hit the site instead of a lot of competitors weir you need to search for what you want so its not very enjoyable for those shoppers that don’t know what their after, ends site solely relies on product pictures to pull you in instead of company photo shoots or ads that more often than not don’t even portray a true picture of the products.


With over 90 labels theirs a perfect mix of young product and things more suitable for the more concerning dresser. Along with Lyle & Scott end do sell a few money spinning labels that no doubt will be the businesses bread and butter but that’s not a bad thing, it’s a clever thing, if it means that selling pretty green and Fred Perry authentic brings new people through the doors it means more risks to be taken with other brands.


Theirs no other shop id rather give my money to than these guys.


The current collections that im most keen of include their choice of Moncler, don’t get me wrong, I’m not apouled by the other stockists choice picks around Newcastle but theirs not many people that can pull off a bright red shiny puffa jacket and if you’ve been to the other shops that stock the label you’ll see that the shops littered with them, if im paying 500 sheets for a jacket I don’t want it to be that accessible, after all it is suppose to be a luxury product and not a main stream item, that’s why its so refreshing to see SOLD OUT under a lot of the Moncler product on the site. Moncler v Ena… pick of the page!


Any one that’s ever seen me out has probly made comment on my shoes, I cant help it but I just love slim bottomed shoes, the skinnier the better so more often than not im in japans, desert boots, plimsolls or boaters but its not gone unnoticed that a lot of dressers iv spotted around town are sporting a chunkier soled shoe, as I think im very unlikely in ever getting a pair myself ill not deny the quality and even the look of some outdoor footwear, this is another thing what END took the risk with stocking before people were buying, the Fracap range seems to be making a big steer, with choice of roccia, rippled sole and standard issue scarponcini boot in a waxa selection of colours theirs a pair of boots for every colour jacket in your wardrobe so its winter staple if your going in for that outdoor look.


We cant talk about Newcastle’s best shop without talking about our best home grown designer, the Cabourn cameraman is a jacket that I never get sick of (no doubt some people will disagree with me) and in my opinion the tweed bottomed colour way has kept it fresh for another season and the sky high price tag makes it a bit of a rarity.


My clothing roots always lead me back to my 1st love of 60’s britishness. Anyone who knows the crack with this will know how much influence 60’s dressers took from other countries cultural styles, this is why my favourite labels of the moment are S.N.S. Herning and saint james, vintage work wear of the stereotypical French grafters. Theirs nothing better than button up crewnecks and Breton shirts and no one pulls them off better than British kids, you can be creative as you like with these labels, chinos, denims, flats, boots… they all look great.


I could problem say something positive about every label that END stock, apart from the adidas star wars malarkey that is, but im going to have to bring this to an end at some point and what better way to do so for Newcastle’s best football fanzine than cap it off with stone island. Alough ENDs collection is probly the smallest of all other stockists of the label in surrounding areas, this is the shop that should be selling a label of such greatness, the range is basic but great and is clearly only going to continue to improve season after season. Id much rather buy my SI from kids that know what an honour it is to stock. Being a desert boot wearer as my choice of footwear im a big fan of the S/S10 resin coated cotton jacket as the length looks like it was made to be worn with levis short enough to show the colour of your socks but long enough to hit the back of your boot so its up on the list of my all time jackets, check out the winter model that’s currently in stock for £375.


I don’t work for these guys and im defiantly not getting paid for anything iv said about the company, I just love it and think that we should all support these guys in keeping END alive and kicking, keep your eyes peeled for discount codes and shipping offers as it’s defiantly worth using to your advantage, you’ll not be disappointed!

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