Absolute disgrace
By Paul Marsden
Tuesday 01 Feb 2011 22:36:00
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Absolute disgrace by Paul Marsden

There are two sides to every story and so far it seems we have only heard the start of both sides. Personally I am completely backing our former number nine.  Yes there are parts of it don’t make an awful lot of sense but as Harry Redknapp says, clubs these days will push it onto a player to hand in a transfer request to save the flack.  I have received a lot of grief the past couple of days for siding with Andy and hope that this attitude is not something felt by the majority of mags. 

Andy Carroll is a good kid.  Yes, there have been problems, yes, he has caused them himself but Andy loves this club.  If he wanted out he would surely have requested a transfer after the first, second, third, fourth or fifth bids from the likes of Chelsea, spurs or Liverpool.  He didn’t. Spurs offered twenty five and we all thought that was a lot, surely even that was too good to turn down in the eyes of the fans who think this thirty five million is crazy money. Spurs have better prospects than Liverpool at this minute in time.  This has all been a plan to get this thirty five million into the club.  Its loads of money, probably loads more than he is worth.  But a number nine with the prospects and longevity of Andy Carroll is going to be hard to come by, even if the money is put back into the team.  Which im not too sure it will be. 

For me Andy was the main man at Newcastle, I wanted him here for the long haul. To become a club legend and he had every chance.  This has been so cruelly taken away by Ashley and the shower around him. 

So everybody keeps having digs.  They don’t believe he wanted to stay, he has quadrupled his wage.  He can play in Europe.  To me this did play a part, although a pretty small part.  It just made it that little bit easier to be pushed. Cushioned the blow if you like.  There is plenty for Andy to be happy about and in all honesty I think he will be rather chuffed with the deal he has got but this does not mean he wanted to go.  If you were told by your employer that you were not wanted, if you were told they are sending you to a different company, if you are told to request a transfer you could still say no.  If the company then comes in and offers you huge amounts of money compared to what you’re on,   why the hell would you stay at a club ran by these morons.  The fact that they are morons is enough.  The fact that they don’t want you makes it worse.

It seems the club did the same thing to Steven Taylor a few months back, although on a much smaller scale.  If you cared about the club you would go.  Nobody came in so we kept him.  As much as it hurts to admit it, Mike Ashley is a clever guy.  Everybody knows his business qualities.  He rejected the first however many bids for one reason.  He timed his helicopter perfectly.  He wanted this deal to go through at the very last minute.  This meant he had no time to spend the money.  The N’Zogbia bids were bollocks as far as I am concerned. By the time the summer comes along everything will have calmed down slightly, giving Ashley the opportunity to pocket the dosh.  Or at least some of it.  He wants more money to sell the club than any bidder is willing to pay.  In my view this is how he plans on getting his dosh back.  He will eventually sell the club at the knocked down rate the bidders want to pay, but will have made plenty wonga from deals like this.  I expect more to go, just hope I am wrong.

If any of this had happened at any other club, I, like you lot, would most likely be calling the player a greedy, money hungry, up his own arse type of player.  I just feel it is different this time. Look at the clubs track record since fat Mike came in.  They gave us keegan, and then drove him out.  They made us suffer through kinnear, Wise and that lot.  They gave our hero Alan Shearer only eight games and then didn’t even bother discussing the job with him.  Then great, they gave us Chris Hughton and then once again so cruelly shoved that one right up us. Ashley does not care about this club.  The tradition, the fans or the city itself. If he did most of the things I’ve mention would never of happened.  Then in came Mr Pardew.  A man of whom I have no problem with.  Up to now.  It is slowly creeping up on me that in Pardew Ashley has found his yes man.  Or even his lap dog.  The reasons why he got the job are unknown, and the fact that he has allowed this transfer to happen and the way he has covered it up today tells me he is short on certain inches of back bone.  He told us that they can offer whatever they want and they will still be told where to go. Do we really believe him when he says he will be given the full thirty five million pounds for players?  Are we really going to spend a total fifty million in the summer?? (This includes sky money and gate receipts that we generally use for transfers)  I very much doubt it!!!

As with everything negative that I say about my club I hope that with regards to signings and the money being made available that I am completely wrong.  Ashley is a very easy target.  I hate the bloke.  I am though; very, very open to being proved completely wrong.

Despite all of this I still think we will stay up. We still have a cracking squad and the money is spent in the summer we can still move in the right direction.  I am just gutted.  I would have loved it to be with big Andy up top.  Good luck lad.

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