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Thursday 30 Dec 2010 08:19:00
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Happy New Year to all you casuals out there. To start 2011 I thought i’d give you a fools guide to brands we like to be seen in home and away no matter who you support. There will be some you like and some you hate, but I bet you have a few of these gems in your wardrobe this season.




Lyle & Scott has made a welcome return to our casual scene. This brand was originally available as a v-neck jumper when it made its name on the golf scene. As time moved on they have developed a wide range of t-shirts, polo shirts, and jumpers, which made the label a must have for our brethren on the terraces in the 1980’s. The motif is a golden eagle and really is iconic with casuals. I have noticed a few astute chaps sporting this former favourite this season. Welcome back!


Where to find online: Stone Menswear




We have covered Massimo Osti and his Stone Island brand already this season but I couldn’t write this without giving it a mention. A huge brand amongst casuals in the nineties it really has taken off big style with your dad likely to get one at Christmas. The rise in snides has really affected the brand for me and your less likely to see real casuals giving it the time of day. It will however be worn by thousands of fans every game in 2010 so still popular.

Where to find online  : Stone Island


Sergio Tacchini was launched by the former tennis star in 1966 and again had its heyday in the late 1970’s and 80’s. All the big names in tennis at the time were wearing the brand, Connors, McEnroe and the like. It has seen a bit of a revival in the noughties and that looks like it may continue in 2010. I love it!

Where to find  online: 80s CasualClassics


I was never a great fan of Paul Smith but it has grown on me. Plenty snides kicking about in the North East though which means that every man and his dog has one at some games and that boils my piss to be honest. Mr Smith of course was a fashion designer in Nottingham and he even opened a shop in 1970. Clever bloke eh! Has had staying power as has been a casual favourite since 1970’s to present day. Well done Smithy!

Where to find online : Milan Clothing


If I said Chester Perry to most wannabe casuals they would think it was a new signing, of course those clued up on terrace fashion would know that I’m talking about CP company. A cross between forces wear and casual wear it’s different and that’s what attracted me to it many moons ago. It’s now under the same umbrella as Stone Island and to be fair has probably stolen a lead on it’s former rival on the terraces. It’s the quality that counts and CP company has that in abundance.

Where to find online: Stone Island


A popular brand in the North East for most blokes never mind casuals. Again a big target for the snide masters but that doesn’t seem to bother the majority of people, but I have always been in the minority so it bothers me. Jeremy Hackett collaborated with Ashley Lloyd-Jennings on this brand and allegedly isn’t very happy that his lovely polo-shirts have been adopted by the casual scene. Oh dear, how sad, never mind! Special mention to Kev Donaldson who is rarely seen without one.

Where to find online: Brown Bag


Think Henri Lloyd think charver? Yeh I do, but there are a lot of the ‘youth’ flying about in the old cheques. It was first spotted in Manchester in 1963 for sailors! Maybe that revelation will put a few of the younger lads off! Lloyd hit the terraces like wildfire in the 1990’s and has never looked back. We all have one or two in our wardrobe lads, own up!

Where to find online: Mainline


Another target for fakes and forgers. Jumpers and Polo shirts are the main target. We seem to have made this brand our own up here as other casuals up and down the country seem to have given it a wide birth. An Italian company founded in 1921 the sportswear didn’t come in until 1977 but I’m glad it did. It feels as if we have something that nobody else knows about so let’s keep it that way.

Where to find online: Milan Clothing


Polo Ralph Lauren is what we all know and love and the brand was founded in 1968. It’s the style first and foremost and secondly the durability of the brand that I think makes this one of the most popular names amongst the casual scene. As the snow disappears and the CP jackets get left at home look out for the latest Polo Ralph Laurens hitting the terraces.

Where to find online: Henri Beene

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