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Wednesday 29 Dec 2010 12:37:00
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Terrace fashions have changed over the decades. Wether you were an original skinhead complete with bleached jeans and doc martins or an eighties casual with pringle and sta-press, you will, at some point in your football fan journey through life gone with the crowd. This new section in ‘Players Inc’ will give you a chance to praise Pringle, lavish love on Lacoste or stick up for Stone Island. So sit back pull the ring pull on your can of tuborg and pop open your canny bag of tudor and enjoy...

Stone Island

The label of choice for the discerning casual of the late Eighties/early noneties and now and now a staple for grown-up Arena man in the noughties-Stone Island’s arm-mounted logo continues to mark the wearer out as being of higher fashion rank, while hinting at a largely mythical past “running with the top boys.” Created in 1982 by the brand’s founder , Massimo Osti, the fabric attachment was inspired by military badges, while the compass card design stems from Osti’s love of sailing. Crucially and classily. The buttoned-on/off badge is detachable-meaning those that don’t want the overt brand statement (or indentifying mark) fixed to their arm can opt for the remaining , and more subtle, double-button instead.

Stone Island was once exclusively worn by casual lads on these shores , but not anymore. When you see the likes of Ant and Dec , Vernon Kay, and Dale fucking Winton , decked out in a bit of ‘Stone’, you know it’s pretty past it’s sell by date, but even despite all that, and countless wannabe young ‘lads’ going to the football in counterfeit shite because they’ve just seen Green Street does it still appeal? In the main it’s overpriced overhyped shite now, you wear it at the football and your a marked man. Granted some of the more hardcore casuals out there will not touch it with a shitty stick, but it’s still going strong, mainly because a new breed have latched onto it, thanks to the likes of Mike Skinner, Preston from the Ordinary Boys fannying around in their videos, having only just discovered it, or realistically their stylists putting them in it. And of course the average films of recent years that have spawned loads of c*nts as a result. To them Stone Island = Hooligan.The thing that bugs me, even as recently as three years ago (maybe that’s pushing it a bit eh?) it was still a fairly ‘exclusive’ label, only worn by football lads. You’d see somebody in it and know that they too, were of the same ‘ilk’, cut from the same cloth so to speak. Believe it or not it was that exclusive, in the UK anyway. But like everything it’s shelf life does eventually pass on , you could get three better jackets for the price of one of their current ones.

Since Massimo Osti’s passing collectors are paying over the odds for the original stuff, whilst in contrast the snide merchants are making more money than ever before, you’ve only got to look on Myspace or YouTube to see an untold amount of knobs parading their new , fake jacket or bobbly cardi for the whole world to see. Sad, but very true. The label has enjoyed a massive spell at the top of the tree, and it first emerged a lot earlier than people think, in the mid eighties to be precise. It’s products were at their peak in the mid to late nineties under the creative structure of Osti. There’s still the odd few nice products coming through under the APA production label, and other designers including Brit Paul Harvey. There are also some awful bits too mind! The recent denim range had it’s fair share of stinkers, but all the fakes which are seemingly being mass produced at the moment are ruining any credit it still a Stone Island item on ebay for next to nothing, if it’s too good to be true , don’t bother it’s fake. Then again you should know that right! 

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