Big Push #Time4Change
By Brian Hall
Saturday 08 Feb 2014 10:36:00
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Coalitions can be hard work, at times.  Politics teaches you that, in whatever context. We have one in the UK now, which certainly seems to be rocking in heavy seas. But this piece is not about Political Parties coming together to pursue their aims, whether people like those goals or not.

No. Am talking about a coalition of forces involving NUFC fans, which has been rapidly, but carefully, brought together, by the Time4Change movement. It has one clear aim – to remove this awful, absurd regime out of our club, our city, and our region. And I believe that major progress is being achieved.

Personally, I was impressed by what I regard as the most serious, biggest push to put an end to the people in charge of our club in this recent era. I have no time in this piece here to attempt to list the various, farcial, infuriating episodes along the way that occurred under the Sports Direct, sorry, Newcastle United, owner and his associates. And anyway, most Mags know that roll call of incidents only too well anyway.

I prefer to focus upon just the signs of a regime in panic, simply because of a March in our city a couple of weeks ago. Press censorship – never a good or wise move -  all the way to a manager of the club who, after a good victory against Chelsea, goes on to issue comments praising his Master and all those linked underneath the umbrella of Michael Ashley.

I found that rather sad. Mainly for Pardew actually. But I find it even more sadder for Big Mikey himself. He is now in a right old Geordie storm, and he is starting to react to it. For sure, he is not bothered, as such, if a ground is full, and clearly, to say the least, has a rather thick skin. And smiles, quite a lot actually.

The trouble with those who become too complacent, in terms of arrogance and confidence, is that they need to keep an eye on their main ball, if you will pardon the pun in football terms. His big ball lies at Sports Direct, obviously, and companies that he either has shares in, or who work alongside him. And if the heat in the Geordie Kitchen intensifies, which I personally think it will, then his key advisers – obviously, I dont count Joseph Kinnear as one of them – should think about ringing Michael in his mansion down South. And advise!

What to advise?  Well, something like this, I suppose. ...Mikey, or Mr Ashley – depending on your relationship with him, of course – just recognise that you have made enough for the main project, Sports Direct, out of global advertising via a pretty well-known Premiership football club.  But now? Best to think about moving on, eh.  Maybe even Glasgow Rangers, if you still want an outlet for your brand in the world of soccer, is that is not a bad idea at all. Far from it.

Finally, away from an attempt to advise the Advisers to Mister Ashley, I have often found that in any Coalition of forces, there are tensions, clashes, petty grudges, you name it. I found that in the past in various other campaign situations, but they are generally rather irrelevant, tedious, but of course occur, when passions are bringing together so many groups and individuals. In the case of NUFC fans finally uniting to finally put an end to this regime, such features are inevitable.

That goes without saying really. Am not particularly interested whether one bloke does not get on with another bloke, and another group dont like the group who liked that other group.  It matters little, unless of course, total division is a result amongst all those who really do want to say Enough is Enough.

As an old campaigner in various movements –  the most important dimension is to keep that eye on the target.  And that target is clear. To remove the worst board that I personally have ever seen at SJP since the late 60s. And if we achieve that, the public enquiry into who did what, who liked whom, and why he never helped her, can take place, if people want to do that.


Time For Change. And I am more than happy to be included in the ranks of that coalition itself.




Brian Hall

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