By Brian Hall
Tuesday 29 Oct 2013 11:39:00
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Dear Mikey

I was really cheesed off, mate, to see that you are getting grief from those troublesome and rebellious Geordies. As we have often said, over drinks in casinos, they can be a pain in the arse, but you usually can sort them out.

Seems this time, mate, as far as I have heard, they are kicking off big time, over your considered, sensible move, to silence the press up there. For God’s sake, Geordies cannot read anyway. Me and you know that. They only look at photos of their football team, and cry in their beer about Jackie Milburn, people like that. I think I told you about that Jackie bloke from somewhere up there, used to work in a pit or something, and kicked a football around now and then.

Mikey. You need to think about being involved with that lot up there a tiny bit. I know you make a lot of dosh for your Sports Direct company, and others too, but , seriously, mate, it is not worth the bother. You can still have a great time – keep that barrow full of gear on the road, eh – without having to worry about that nice little earner up in Newcaaastle. It is not worth the hassle, old mate, as it might start damaging your bigger show.

By the way, how is our mate, Joe? I saw you appointed him in some kind of role, and I have not heard much about him recently.  As for Alan, pass on my regards – reliable bloke in my view. Always good for a laugh, eh.

Hope all well at your place in the Home Counties. Must be a pain in the arse having to go up North to show your face. Bloody long travel, mate. Like I say, if I was you, I would just pack the whole bloody thing in, count your cash out of it all, and leave the Geordies just to get on with things. That would be a bloody laugh, Mikey!

Must dash. Got to check my share values on the FTSE. You know what is like, mate. See you next weekend in the Casino.

And honestly, old friend, ditch the Geordies. It is not worth the bother.



Ps    Who the hell were that lot of ex-players of that silly club, spouting off about you not running the place properly? Ffs, you would think their bloody club was important or something. Bloody whingers.

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