By Brian Hall
Tuesday 10 Sep 2013 16:17:00
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Last week,  I attended a little meeting in the Percy Arms in toon – a place that in itself brought back memories of many a NUFC home match over the decades.

I, for my sins, have been in a few meetings over the decades. On all kinds of subjects, issues, and campaigns. Some of those I prefer to forget, some I  remain pleased that I attended. But the one I somehow landed in, last Thursday, was a very good one. In that Percy Arms with all its memories part of my life as a Newcastle United fan.

I witnessed something, you see. A small – and size means nowt, as they say – collection of people who all put in their varied views upon how just to remove Mister Michael Ashley, he of Sports Direct, and also owner of a little, but actually lucrative toy inside his Big Empire, namely, NUFC.

The meeting itself had no Big Players in Toon. There are none in such a context. But it did contain people who clearly have enough of the farce and fiasco which has been occurring in our club, our city, and our region. The utter disgraceful treatment and contempt shown to oh so many who love a very important part of North East life.

It was a calm occasion – well, as calm as any meeting can be, especially when it involves passion, and NUFC fans!  Ideas were suggested, thoughts exchanged, and immediate focus was agreed upon.

The main one was to organise a peaceful, inclusive March on the day of the globally-televised match against Liverpool in mid-October. One of the key messages was to avoid any call for a boycott – that is up to every individual, and consensus agrees that fans have a desire to go to games and support the team. Obviously, that includes so many season ticket holders who have paid so much money up front, who would be going to matches, naturally, despite their resentment of Mister Ashley and the current regime.

No boycott. First port of call then.  A march in the city is now being organised, and is under very good preparation.  It is obviously a peaceful protest, welcome to all who care about our club, our city, indeed, a huge part of our culture.  Alongside this, or accompanying that decision, has came early publicity. Evening Chronicle via Neil Cameron on Saturday. Sunday tabloids picked up the story.


Such publicity is only for starters of course. Simply because the Toon Army, in my humble view, are not to be underestimated, when they finally decide to take gloves off against a regime which is clearly.....how can i put this in a subtle way.....taking the piss.

So, ramblings over, eh. At last, a proper, focused campaign now against Big Ashy and ‘is mates from the Queen Vic of EastEnders.   And I, for one, am pleased that I turned up at that very constructive, positive meeting, where Time for Change was being tried, in a very impressive way.

And I, for one, hope to gan rambling. Weh, strolling slowly that is. On that day just before the Liverpool game kicks off at SJP.






Ps    one, only one angle. Despite a funny, and at times, not that brilliant history with Liverpool fans over the years, me thinks an element of the Red Scousers will identify with Time for Change. And help if they can. 

Pps    oops, forgot one other thing in passing. The October event is not the end, a one-off. Just a start. Please forward this piece to Michael , c/o Sports Direct and Dodgy Limited. Cheers!

           Tarah again.

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