By Brian Hall
Friday 02 Aug 2013 10:28:00
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Dear Mike


I attended a meeting last night at the Labour Club, where I was privileged to hear a representative of the club we both love dearly. Me and you, that is, Mike.

Your man seemed a nice lad – and I mean that , as he was put in a chair to inform us of all your plans for our club. I felt he had a difficult task, Michael.

I was slightly baffled by some aspects, but as you know, I am not that bright and can be easily confused. You and I used to chuckle at this when we had all those good times in the casinos.

However, I was over the moon to hear of a Fans Forum, but I have to admit that I was rather unsure of exactly how it will be regarded by our Company at Newcastle United.  Still,  I am sure that you will personally clarify that in due course.


Obviously,  I was delighted to hear that the opinions of supporters would be not only listened to, but clearly enacted upon. Even only one example fulfilled me with enthusiasm, as you, at least I think it was you, Michael, will consider some emergence of some little flags in the stadium.

I have always felt strongly that you have been firmly committed to ensuring that the small NUFC section, but profitable,  angle of your enterprise, Sports Direct, remains  close to your heart. And, of course, that you have shown that,  by constant, ceaseless,  attempts to confirm that committment by so many efforts of communicating with our dedicated followers.

Even recently, I was personally appalled at the reaction of some troublemaking element, when they complained that the appointment of Joe K was announced by Joseph himself in newspapers, on radio,  and was then, professionally, confirmed 48 hours later via Sports Direct. Really, Mike, how ungrateful such characters can be, and at times, you must despair!


However, on a positive note, I feel that after the meeting I attended, that, perhaps at last, the natives – sorry, the supporters – are now finally reassured  that their opinions and views matter a great deal to you. I personally left the meeting, well aware of the links being created between yourself, Joseph, and others,  will definitely  appease unruly and sceptical sorts who feel that you are not fully dedicated to the future of the club both you and I love so dearly.


Yours as ever


PS Mike. The meeting reminded me of some other occasions, when Management sent a junior to attempt to tell the workforce that the factory was safe, and progress was on its way.  And the factory was actually being shafted, mate.  Stop taking the piss, Michael, mate. And don’t worry, I am not applying to join your Forum -  I just feel that you will not be around for such meetings.           Tarah, and the quicker  the better, marra.

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