By Brian Hall
Wednesday 19 Jun 2013 11:25:00
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Tributes to people, and all kinds of organisations, are often made, and most of them, deservedly so.

I want to record a tribute of my own to a group. They go under the name of NUFC fans, Mags.

 I should stress that I am not courting popularity. Quite frankly, I am not bothered about that kind of stuff. And I am not writing this with regard to the fact that I myself am a canny long-standing member of this particular organisation, based so deep in the culture of this still very proud region.


No. This is about the oh so many people, a few of whom I have met over the years, who have followed this football club, some of them since I landed in the group, in the mid-60s as an innocent young lad of 6.

Sure, I have met  some who were in the Lucky Generation of the 50s and FA Cups. But I am talking about the ones, who have given such passion, commitment, devotion, to  this organisation, Newcastle United FC, since I fell in love with the institution.


We have seen boards come and go, and most of them were not exactly wonderful.  We have hit the press – not always due to southern media bias, by the way –  so often for the wrong reasons.

Yet for the most time, home, and away, these supporters, who most football clubs in the world, would beg to have in their set-up, pick themselves up, and try to back their club.

Many laugh at them. Mock them. Take the piss out of no success. Even accuse those fans of disloyalty, and stupidity. That does not bother us really.  We are used to all that, and generally could not give a shit when we get that from some plastic followers of Manure or whoever.

A phrase springs to mind, to be frank. Often used at the minute, in terms of international politics, and so. Crossing a Red Line, so it goes.  Personally, I think it has been this time for some of this oh so loyal tribe.


For me, personally, the Reddest Line of all has been crossed, surrounding the absolutely, humiliating shambles surrounding the crazy arrival of Mr Kinnear, the astonishing and damn disrespectful silence of the club for two days, whilst an exceptionally passionate bunch of football fans waited for news, and the ramblings of the self-proclaimed  Soccer Sage himself.

The insulting, appalling behaviour of this current regime in power at SJP has often gone beyond the pale. And seemed determined to rub the fans’ loyalty in the nose as hard as it can.


That is why I want to pay tribute to the NUFC tribe. They have taken a lot on the chin over many decades, obviously, recent years included.


And now. They are just supposed to lie down, stop whinging, and Keep the Faith.


Maybe many will, because their love and passion for the club itself, and all it stands for in terms of our identity. But I am not sure if some can get over this Reddest of all Red Lines. Sadly, that includes me.




Ps                       Just a couple of facts as a tribute to all those in the NUFC Mags organisation.       In 1974, during, and after, a total humiliation at Wembley, against Liverpool, they outsang continuously the Red Scousers.           When, in far more recent times,  this regime took them into the Championship, their attendance at home records was astonishing – and the away following made NUFC the most popular show around, in terms of revenue for host clubs in that league.

 And just a PPS -  before any accusation of over-emotion or total bias, much of the above views have been expressed to me by mates from various parts of Europe about NUFC fans.           

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