By Brian Hall
Monday 10 Jun 2013 11:13:00
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As that wonderful yellow thing in the sky has been removed by clouds,  I thought I met as well throw myself into a ToonTalk blog. A kind of thoughts from abroad thing, well, from the north end of Heaton actually.


Anyway,  today is a noteworthy occasion in itself. The Ninth of June, 1862, on a Summer’s Afternoon. Our national anthem day.  A potential  proposal to the FA crossed my mind. We should ask for special permission, on match days, to line up our players just before the kick off, and sing the Blaydon Races.  This could result in two things.


 One.  It would intimidate any foreign opposition from places such as London or Lancashire, the Midlands to lesser Manchester, and suchlike. Bit like one of those South American republic’s anthems, as opposed to that boring God Save the Queen thing that Ingerland play, or is it Land of Hope and Glory now?


But it would also get our players to feel the passion behind their unique and lucky opportunity of putting on a black and white top. Obviously,  most of our lot would need to be taught the words, but we could manage to educate them all in that. Reminding them what it means to play for a team that represents the Northumbrian nation, from deepest  Durham to highest Northumberland.


Over to you, Mr Wraith, on this one, and use your influence to convince the FA – don’t bother putting the idea past Mike and Del Boy first,  obviously – and see if we can plead for a special case for our national anthem to rock the stadium, players lined up with hands on chests.  It would make the Nou Camp Catalans, and their independent flags, look pathetic in comparison.


Away from 1862 and that summer’s afternoon commeration Day, complete with a race gannin on, some other things have been taking place as well recently.

Transfer rumours rumble on. Sensation breaks out. Cabaye likes Manchester United. Demba Ba might be knackered at Chelski. And Fred Blogg’s sister is thinking of joining us, or is she leaving us?? Yawn, yawn.


The far bigger plot this week broke out with KK, King Kev, blasting into our current “board”. Most people on social network sites – I think they are called that – totally agreed with him, regarding his second managerial stay at the club. I am fairly sure Big Al would, too, as both were treated abysmally.  But a small minority of Mags broke out, and attacked Keegan, on all kinds of fronts. I am sure that a couple of them were club officials under a different facebook/twitter name. If you check KK’s words out, there is not a lot to disagree with, unless you are a fan of Dennis Wise.


The other plot, a main one again, in my view, is the departure of Stevie Harper, and the possibility that a testimonial will be sorted out for him. Leaving aside the fact that he would probably give most of any takings from such a game to County Durham and Tyneside charities,  count me in on that one if it comes off. Like Keegan  and Shearer, he got paid canny cash for wearing our strip. But he shared one thing in common with those two. His heart bled NUFC. Simple as that. Or as Bobby once put, the blood ran black and white.


And one certain fact. If we ever had had our national anthem, the Blaydon Races, in a team with Keegan, Shearer, and Harper lining up, with Bobby,  eyes full of pride and passion, the mind boggles.

Aye, that lot would have all known what our national anthem meant to our region alright.






PS            good luck to all those doing the Blaydon Races run today. But don’t end up in the Eye Infirmary................................

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