By Brian Hall
Monday 10 Dec 2012 18:44:00
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Like so many others, one of my greatest heroes has always been Robin Hood. I prefer to ignore any idea that Rob was a myth, and just love the idea that he stole from the rich and gave to the poor. I also like his overall life story, not least the fact that he is knocking about with a canny lass Maid Marian, and also has a decent set of loyal mates in the woods with him.


Of course, there was a right nasty buggar around, linked with a dodgy King John, and he had moved into toon to seize anything he could get his bloody hands on. Robbie, the Good lad, very, very Good bloke, and certainly not Ugly, stood up to that realy Very Bad and possibly Ugly robbing bully. We all know the name of him. That Sheriff of Nottingham character.


So it was with pleasure that I learnt of the big panto in our toon this Christmas period. Robin Hood. And even better was invited by one of the main actors to take my 3 girls and a close female friend along to see it. It is in my diary - weh, I haven't actually got one as such - but I do know when I am going to see the panto fun, just afore the Festive Season reaches its dizzy heights on the Big Xmas Day itself.


One obvious attraction for me, amongst many, is obvious, as it will be for many others.


. A chance to boo, hurl abuse - not too foul mouthed - as kids gannin obviously - at that Sheriff bloke. But it gets better for those who will see the evil tyrant trying to knack Rob Hood. He is a dedicated NUFC man, one of Us, pops up in various places, but amongst many other things, is a professional actor. His name is none other than Steve, Stevie Wraith - of Toon Talk magazine and radio, Players Inc, Wraith Promotions, you name it really. And from what I have seen, he certainly looks very, very Bad, in the Panto publicity sheets. Indeed, he looks a bit Bad, and possibly Ugly in real life, but that is normally due to a late night out.


Worse still, or better rather - and this is an exclusive revelation from the Sheriff's Mouth - the Bad Bloke at the Castle in Nottingham  also goes under his full name in the Panto. None other than Ashleigh Lambias Earp. Now that could lead to even more intense booing and hurling of abuse, and I even might be shocked by the language used by my 3 NUFC daughters!


On a note of recognition though, and it should be pointed out, the work behind the scenes in preparation for, and of acting out, this Xmas fun, is intense. Hours and hours of effort and graft in order to entertain us and make us all laugh. And, God, Newcastle and our region needs that in these times.




In short, I am looking forward to it, as are my daughters. I am going to relish the boos and abuse thrown at the Bad, and possibly Ugly, Sheriff fella, aka Stevie W, and Ashleigh Lambias Earp. And cheer when the Good, in the form of Old Robbie Hood appears on the stage.


Worth a Ride through the Woods, I reckon.






Tickets available here.


119 Westgate Road  Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear NE1 4AG
0870 700 0971

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