By Brian Hall
Saturday 20 Oct 2012 13:42:00
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I have mentioned before, about the Magpies Nest group on facebook. Dont fret, as I dont get paid by them, dont want to, either., because they are all volunteers who run that site. They are just a great bunch in terms of their NUFC banter. And this week has certainly seen some exchanges. Derby Week.


One is a HardLiner. An experienced Mag. Geoff. He is willing to settle for nowt less than a win. No quarters given. Many of that Nest share that view. Let that Black and White bird - my favourite bird, if you will pardon the phrase - fly. Into the S o S, and scare them to death. On the pitch, I mean, just in case there is any misunderstanding on that remark.


Some others will just take the draw, IF absolutely neccessary. I confess to being in that Camp. Only because the small Town down the road would see that as a failure. Their whole season is motivated around beating us. Bit sad, really, but they are not known as the SMB for nothing. Very few of the NUFC base their only aspiration on winning a game against the SAFC, that is, for sure. We have other fish to fry, and those tend to be a wee bit bigger than sunland.


Back to the Mags Nest lot.The crack has been superb in the Derby build-up via their facebook site. Very little sign of crap would-be jokes on Mackems being disabled, too poor, and so on. Thank God.  But a lot of totally ruthless, vicious stuff on taking the water - Wraithy of Toon Talk does not let me swear too much in print - out of the Small Town Club. Obviously, I have not indulged in such onslaughts. I am far more mature than if.


So. Magpies will leave their Nest on Sunday, whether via the Number 9 bar in toon, God Knows Where, or indeed at that ground named after Benfica's ground. The ones who make it that far will no doubt sing a song, or three.


Who can predict what will happen when the Magpies leave the Nest? But I would love that little bird of ours, who turned up by himself at the S o S that day to sit on the pitch, again, for just a few moments. What a moment! Ranks alongside celebrating Halloween, in my view.


Short, and probably not that sweet for any remote possibility of the SAFC reading this. But there again, Mr Wraith does not allow them to infliltrate ToonTalk, or the Number 9 Bar in Stowell Street. And neither do the Magpie Nest lot in terms of access to their site!



Bring it on. Let the Magpies fly out of the Nest. And return home with some pickings, or points.







and the ps? I canna speak for the Nest Lot, or all of our tribe, clearly, but I like to see all the North East teams dae well. Apart from one..................

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