By Brian Hall
Thursday 11 Oct 2012 09:59:00
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Well, never a dull moment in terms of NUFC. I once wrote a book, which nobody read, except my Aunty, my Mam, a bloke up the road, and , allegedly, Mr Wraith of Toon Talk. The postcript at the end of Life of Brian in Black and White stated the obvious. It began....the story of Newcastle United could not be invented. Nobody would believe it. So. Yet another quiet dull time at the Mag Ranch, eh.


Wonga appear on the horizon. St James' Park is back in toon, although it never really disappeared of course.What happens next? A whole deluge of utter hypocrosy from many parts of the football and political world. I should declare my colours immediately, aside from the black and white ones, that is. I am a Red, in the socialist context, I stress. And therefore, no lover of loan companies hoying in big interest rates, to say the least. But. And there is a big But here.


Unless I have been asleep for a good decade or more, I happen to know that the Premiership is sponsored by.....err, Barclays. I also am aware that SKY dominates all, Now, and I hasten to add that this is my view, and not the official ToonTalk website position - I dont want Mr Wraith to get sued - Barclays and the Murdochs, those of SKY Empire in decline, are not exactly the cleanest kids on the block. They tend to make Wonga look like a bunch of canny lads and lasses in comparison! Check it out, if you can be bothered. 


I dont want to go through the rest of sponsors in the Big Business which is unfortunately football now. Some do spring to mind, however, in passing. The Man City backers, the Emirates lot at the Arse - the United Arab Emirates is not exactly a good place to find yourself locked up, as I discovered in a case I once worked on. Samsung knock about as well - is that the same lot who are using child labour in China? Maybe not, but I think they are! Oh, and forgot the Glaziers from Good Ole Uncle Sam, in passing. I have not even mentioned the beer companies, insurance characters, and so on, up to their neck in the Beautiful Game. And up to their neck in other matters, too.


Quite bluntly, the hypocrosy stinks. Politicians blast off from their hips, without thinking, and condemn the latest developments at SJP. So do a huge chunk of the national media. Well, I never thought I would see the day when I would defend Wonga. But howay, if all , shall we say, potentially not too benevolent companies throw themselves into our game, and then Wonga gets all this abuse, then I do find that hypocosy, in quite a big high version of it.


I might be wrong, I suppose. Maybe Barclays and the Murdochs love the game.




bry...............short and possibly not so sweet. any libel charges should go to me, and not ToonTalk. Rupert can have my cooker, and Barclays can have my telly. But I dont want the ManShitty blokes at my door. They are pretty dodgy!!!


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