By Brian Hall
Wednesday 05 Sep 2012 20:11:00
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As we potter through our week before the next fixture, a canny few of us need some kind of footy fix, whether through tv, or radio. I am amongst the latter lot - prefer the radio, as SKY Sports grates on me too much. However, wireless footy crack can also cause some irritation. I sometimes, despite my best intentions, tune into that national TalkSport rubbish, but it can also provide fun. If you manage to get over the fact that the presenters usually just talk drivel, focus on the plight of the Red Scousers, and the Arse, get ecstatic over the Manchesters, Chelski, and ole Spurs, it actually brings a smile. Sorry, forgot to mention their over-hype on the league ever created, 


The laughter can belt in, when you hear the callers coming in, talking about, weh, the Manchesters, Chelski, ole Spurs, and of course, the Red Scousers and the Arse. As you chuckle at some latest crisis, the worst to have hit one of them since, weh, last week really, one thing is quite obvious. It is very rare to find a Geordie pile in. I happen to think that this is little to do with the fact that we are usually dismissed out of all thinking in that London station, despite the occasional effort from Micky Quinn, but more to do with the fact that most Mags would not waste time ringing in!


No. Give me our regional stuff anytime. Despite some of its faults, I was sad to see the demise of the 3 Legends programme. New owners, American-based, apparently think that local rado station does not need football talk on it every night. Doh, as Homer Simpson might say! At least Radio Newcastle have survived with their nightly talk on the North East religion. And John Anderson always has interesting stuff to say, even though I dont always agree with him. Name me any Mag who agrees with fellow Mags all the time, and I dont believe you!


But there is another Kid on the Block, and it has been going for quite a while now, building up a variety of listeners. ToonTalk Radio. They bring in guests, often ex-NUFC players or current journalists, and it seems to do the trick. The main thing is that all NUFC fans can throw their oar in, whether to ask a few questions or simply give their views on life at SJP. And I have to praise, only vaguely, like, the man who runs the programme, Mr Steve Wraith. He is ruthless at times, and he blows a final whistle when a caller has used his time up. But the crack is good, and contains some sensible, stimulating, and interesting footy discussion about the NUFC and indeed wider issues in terms of the state of the game, whether it is footballers' wages or good ideas about cheaper access for supporters to matches.


If you miss it, you can just pop into I Tunes, the ToonTalk site, and so on. And it seems more and more are doing that, not just from our area, but right across the Geordie exile world.


Check it out. You might not always agree with your fellow Mags! But you will enjoy it, and if you feel like adding your piece, just ignore the ruthless  programme runner, Mr Wraith. Sometimes, you can even squeeze past his final whistle when he tries to hoy you off!!


The show airs Mondays 6pm and you can find it here


To call in ring 0191 5389781





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