By Brian Hall
Sunday 26 Aug 2012 09:00:00
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I have a confession to make. I go on facebook. Honest, I do have some mates outside of cyberspace. Only 15 days ago, one rang me, and I saw my other marra last year in the street. He actually waved at me from the other side of the road, but seemed in a hurry, like. Anyway, I have loads of friends on this f.book thing. And a lot of them are Mags.


Seriously, the crack is generally good, and ranges in its content. Emotions sometimes run high, which is always the case when a group of NUFC talk about NUFC!  I originally discovered the vast numbers of our fans on the system when I spotted the Magpie Nest when they were first building it up. Kaz Barton Yates and Geoff Robinson were two characters putting a lot of effort into spreading out one of the homes for us lot to agree, argue, and advocate our views on anything to with our club.


There are some great characters in the system. Geoff is counting down the days until he moves next to St James Park, and will inherit a view from his flat of the ground itself. I had to remind him that this sounded brilliant but could sometimes have its downside. Over the decades, I have often awoken, after some calamity, hating NUFC - that emotion has usually lasted only a few hours, it has to be stressed, but in those times of black and white depression, the thought of looking at the ground on a morning would have finished me off. I just hope Geoff does not face many moments like that in his new abode. Indeed, on another note, I also hope he does not have one too many one night, as he could well end up dismantling the Sports Direct signs on his own! 


I only have one gripe with a tiny element of the Facebook NUFC though. They show dangerous signs of being obsessed by that smaller club in the region, who wear red and white. You know the club I mean. Their latest coup is a bloke called Adam Johnson, apparently, and typically for them, he turns out to be a self-confessed Mag! The list of laughable incidents surrounding that lot is endless. But one, I will never forget. One daft SMB was on a live radio programme - they needed us to get a point at Derby years ago to give them a chance of staying up. What did he say? He did not want that point. He would prefer to gan down, as long as the Mags lost! Doh!!


But this is exactly why I have that gripe with our tiny minority on facebook. I prefer to read NUFC debates, but some of them seem to spend most of their time having a go at the smaller club and their limited number of fans down the road. Leave that to the SAFC. Believe you me, the vast majority of them are totally obsessed by what we are doing. That is the limit of  their ambition. That is why they are SMB.


Back to the vast majority of Facebook NUFC though. There are endless exchanges on who might be fit, who played brilliantly, who was our best ever right back, who was our worst forward, you name it. Cracking stuff. It is also a great way for the Geordie Exiles and also for those in foreign parts who have chosen to follow us - and you canna call them GloryHunters, by the way - to keep up to speed with news and discussions. They boom in from all over the world. One, John, originally from the Felling, who is an actual mate of mine in the outside world, lives in the Basque Country in Spain, and lurches in before and after a match. Mark McDaid, who I have never met, is another prominent Mag commentator on the system - he is exiled in Ireland.


Most of the time, I can ignore contentious subjects, such as politics or religion or whatever. But I have to confess - another confession - that NUFC Facebook reaches my addictive side of what  is left of my brain. I canna resist hoying my pennyworth in, however wrong I am then later proved to be!!!!




ps     it seems all the NUFC Facebookers agreed this morning. Nowt to be ashamed , regarding a defeat at Chelski. Long season, eh, and we will get them at playtime up here at St James


talking of mackems           i have found myself in rows with the tiny element of our lot   who seem obsessed by safc........chelsea match.........................................now            know we can have a laugh at them              latest coup      Adam Johnson   self  confessed Mag             lee clark t-shirt...........endless list  ie, shola.......etc.etc..    gtst no of fans, etc...


                   but generally   i dont give a shit about them    they hate that by the way           and i always found the vast majority of them obsessed by us        let them indulge in that                    i prefer to focus on what we do    full stop

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