By Brian Hall
Saturday 14 Jul 2012 14:32:00
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Aye. The summer, or lack it, rumbles on . Literally, in terms of some of the thunder and lightening which has hit us all at different times.. Loads of sport around of course.  Tennis,  cricket, golf, and obviously, the forthcoming Olympics. The King of Sport is awakening from his slumber. Although He was seen briefly in some obscure European plot gannin on in Poland and the Ukraine. Friendlies are on the immediate horizon, and then down to the main business in August.  Normal weekend service resumed for the Geordie nation. More of that later.


Before gannin into the game that dominates our own little Northumbrian country, time for a brief perusal - God, posh word, that one, getting above my station - into this so-called Summer, of Sport. Tennis, for example. Given nobody reads my blogs, not even Wraithy of ToonTalk, I should stress that I used to play that game. Lonely, tough, hard work, physical and psychological strength needed. Weh, Andy Murray displayed both necessary strong qualities at Wimbledon. Just a wee bit unfortunate that that Federer bloke is still knocking about, I suppose.


Cricket potters on, despite the adverse weather conditions. The Aussies seemed to turn up for that one-day game stuff against England, and got hammered. Durham, up in our heartland, keep having a bash as well. What really shocked me was the Jocks seem to be in the same league as our County, and even Surrey. Having once been to see our Scots' cousins at Chester against Durham, I can say, despite my lack of knowledge of the game, that they are canny crap.


The golfing lot are still on the move, up Inverness way. I know nowt about golf - in fact, I know nowt about out really - but seems that having the Scottish Open up there could be a bit risky in this so-called summer. I know the area well, and experience tells me that they had a canny few rainy summers before everybody else did.


Another event is coming up, again though with little hope of overcoming the footy Giant about to get out of His bed. The Olympics. Obviously, we all admire the dedication and determination of the athletes, but a canny few of us probably wish that the London Games were only about them. Turns out they are hardly mentioned at the minute. A private security firm cuts costs, and British soliders are ordered to give up their much-needed leave time, and anti-missiles on East End flats are hoyed on top of people's property. We all hope there is no attempted atrocity during the occasion, but howay, man! There again, I suppose if things get rougher around Heaton in the economic crisis, I might ask the Government for some equipment for my rooftop.


Behind all this summer sport though lurks the King Himself. The footy season looms larger by the day. The Mags have now got their friendlies sorted, gossip is everywhere who might be coming in, who might be gannin out, and who is deciding whether to come in or gan out. That is better. Bring it on. As the phrase goes, at this time of  the year, a young man's thoughts turn to..............NUFC and what lies ahead. At least, that is the saying I am thinking of. No point referring to the other phrase about Spring and bonny lasses, especially the way this weather has been.


If Newcastle can win against the German third division side, Chemnitzer - always a difficult place to go to - that will be a good start. Howay the Lads, Howay the Lads.........................







in the unlikely event that any of my mates' or acquaintances read this, apologies to some of them who take a massive, passionate interest in other sports. There again, the vast majority of them are Mags anyway!


further footynote.     we lost at Chemnitzer as it turned out. As I said, a very difficult place to go to.

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