By Brian Hall
Saturday 18 Feb 2012 07:45:00
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Vandalism. A funny old word really. Got a bad name for the original Vandals apparentlly, as they kept being hoofed out of places, so finally took revenge by going on the rampage. To be fair, not a lot of people know that. I certainly did not, until a younger mate of mine told me that was what happened to that lot. As a teenager, I used to associate vandalism with wrecking a telephone box that did not work anyway, a bus shelter that had one window left before one of the lads hoyed a brick at it, things like that. I was innocent, ref, as they say, by the way. But I certainly saw vandalism in action at St James Park yesterday.


It made a brick through the last remaining piece of glass in a telephone box or bus shelter look like a Vicar's tea party. A sign was hacked to pieces, smashed, dismantled, without any due respect or care for the people who cherished its placement. The Head Hooligan goes by the name of Michael Ashley. Clearly, the Leader of the Gang does not need to do the dirty work itself - he just decides on the action, gives the nod, and then his cohorts do the deed. And so the act of vandalism was done.


But I am an optimist, or perhaps even a realist. Il Duce, the Mafioso Leader, does not always get away with his carefully, or in this case, crazy, scheme. Sometimes, another lot turn up, stand up to him and his companeros, if they damage the property of the other Gang, and The Deluded Godfather has to retreat, and repair the damage caused. Or else. Sorry to sound like a Mafioso - I know nothing, eh - but to misquote them, "you touch my home, we see you later". In this case, Newcastle United fans will. Stubbornly, and nicely, senore Ashley.


This is not amenzana, a threat. No. It is a statement of fact. Politely speaking, we will continue to call our home by its real name. And we will not tolerate the vandalism, complete with armed men taking down our family name, without a response. We will wait, always the best thing to do. And then we will restore the signs which are so much part of our family tradizione.



Briano Allo.            Arriverderci Senore Ashley with your vandalism. You change your mind, eh?? per favori, or whatever.


ps  This, I repeat, is not a threat. But if you want to take me and some friends into a legal room, by all means. We would simply state the case for the prosecution - vandalism is not allowed in the home of the Family.

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