By Brian Hall
Monday 13 Feb 2012 08:03:00
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I don't intend to dwell on the visit of the NUFC to the Royal Palace of King Harry, after his grand return from his brilliant defence in court. I will only say that Southern Ingerland will perhaps not be too keen when the King inherits their Throne. If I could drive, I would not buy the second-hand car off him. Nuff of that, mate, know what i mean. Dont want to get ToonTalk sued. Or me really. 


So to the overall weekend. Suppose we could stay on football for a moment. The Greatest Institution in World Football, Liverpool FC, seem to have realised that they could not stay above the law. Whatever the rights and wrongs about Senor Suarez - and i do understand Spanish, by the way - their attitude was appalling throughout that whole shambles. T shirts, scousers raging, etc...yawn, yawn. And then...King Kenneth finally accepts this afternoon that something might, just might, have been out of order. Sorry, a bit late, mate. With just a slight hint of panic.


Away from the beautiful game, this blogger certainly noticed some odd goings on elsewhere. Britain has sent a nuclear sub to pop aroud the Falklands, and that has certainly led to a bit of a kick off. Even Prince Willy is pottering about down there. Weh. Am not that bothered really, except I lost a couple of mates in the original war, and on this occasion, I think the UK has to be a canny bit cautious really. I know there is new oil to be found, but I think the Argies - as the Sun called them, and probably still does - have worked out that we have nee proper Army left! Spending cuts which mean soldiers are being hoyed on the dole. Doh..........as the fatha in the Simpsons might say.


Still, weekends should not be about just football, or serious world affairs. They are, for those of us blessed with having kids, spending some quality time, as they say in Jesmond, with the offspring. I tried that this afternoon, but it failed - one was on her Blackberry, or whatever, and the other was on my computer. They did respond once to an attempted crack, like - the question involved what they wanted for their tea. Beans on toast for Kirsty, rice and a sauce mix for Becky. Aye, ya canna beat quality time.


As the weekend draws to a close, I realise that there is a massive match this week. Am stopping smoking - again - and my anti-smoking kit allows me to have a badge or two, after a week. I have foolishly put the kit chart up on the wall, next to the kettle. This will no doubt lead to a confrontation with the kettle itself. Must remember to buy a punchbag, asap.


And talking about remembering what to do after the weekend, I have to remind myself to get a Valentine Card. For me, like. We used to dae that when we were in our early teens and pretend that we got them from a lass. Neebody believed anybody on that one of course, but we aal did it. 


So. Goodnight to the Geordie Nation. Forget Saturday, and concentrate on getting Valentine Cards. And dont fret about the slight debacle surrounding the Return of King Harry. As I say, to misquote Shakespeare or whoever, his throne may well have a few barbed wires to sit upon.


keep the faith...........................................................bry



and keep waarm.........


a weekend in perspective. A young Mag died on Friday. Kev was his name, and often he could not get into SJP. Nee money to dae it, but all the same, a fanatic. Whoever our God is, bless him.

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