Its back, but it stinks of negativity.
By Paul Marsden
Wednesday 07 Dec 2011 09:21:00
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So the 2011/12 premier league season is almost upon us.  The mackems are flapping there gums, sky are showing every possible highlight of last season in a ‘better than ever seen before’ style, and Newcastle United under Mike Ashley continue to confuse, surprise and neglect the massive black and white following.   Going into last season Mike Ashley and his merry men issued a statement declaring silence.  No comment was the shout and but for a couple of murmurs from shambias and the public ass kissing of authority from Pardew they have stuck by their word.  If what we are led to believe is true, they shouldn’t have even bothered with these.  There are two sides to this summer with Pardew playing referee.  On one half you have the board saying that everything is being done to keep our big names and bring others in.  On the other we have the players saying that nothing is being done, the contracts offered are shambolic and that the big names are being forced out to feed fat Mikes hungry pockets.   Who do we believe?  Given Ashley’s track record I am standing right behind the players (it makes a change in this day and age).  If they actually wanted to go I believe that they could have gone at any time since the window opened.  The players in question, i.e. Enrique and Barton would have no shortage of takers and Ashley would bite your hands off for the decent wedge that people would surely offer for the pair.  Jose Enrique’s twitterature was straight to the point and in a way just cemented what we all thought was going on anyway.  I am so fed up of feeling so negative towards the club that I, like millions, love so much.

Our biggest strength last season was the dressing room.  The togetherness of the players and the morale boosting attitude of the likes of Kevin Nolan and Joey Barton.  Yes there were glimpses of quality from all, but the most important part was attitude.  We battled for everything.  We had to.  So why, after seeing this obvious positive would you let players like Nolan go.  You can’t break up that dressing room surely.  As a player I am not Nolan’s biggest fan but his presence in around the club was immense.  Joey Barton is the same.  His new contract should’ve been written months ago.  Just sitting waiting for a signature.  I don’t get the train of thought that leads you to not even offering one.  There is the age issue; there is the balancing the books issue.  Personally I don’t care.  If you look around the league, at all of the top clubs, you will see a common theme. Age doesn’t matter, if they are key players in your side then you look after them, you build around them until your squad is ready and can handle a change while you replace them.  Giggs, Scholes, Neville, Lampard, Gerrard, Carragher and Drogba are examples of this at the top end of the table.  If you look further down the league you have players like Arteta, Cahill, Richard Dunne, Kevin Davies and Stillian Petrov.  All these players vary in quality, as do their sides, but they are all so important to the sides they play in and do you see anybody wanting rid.  Yes, contracts have to be sensible but you have to do what you can to keep your top boys.  Newcastle United’s finances at the moment are in better nick than most from what we hear.  Well done Mr Ashley.  It is now time to develop our squad and take us somewhere.  If this doesn’t happen, what the hell was the point in balancing the books and why do we even bother to watch a game in which we will never be able to compete?  I agree that picking up a bargain like Cheike Tiote is fantastic work.  Doing so just to pocket the 20 million you flog him for two years later is ridiculously pointless.  If it goes to the club fantastic, we are getting somewhere, but is it? At the time of writing we have not seen a penny of the Andy Carroll money.  Supposedly a lot of it has gone on ‘free’ transfers.  Agent fees and what not.  Bollocks.  Let’s sell Messi so that we can get Joey Barton on a free next year and set his agent up for life.  If anything the sale of Nolan and whoever else follows can cover this.  I don’t get it.  It kills me being so negative, but I just don’t understand.   I am not the only one.  These things are all playing on the minds of the players who were once part of a strong dressing room and are now being head messed and forced apart by a board who as far as I can tell are doing things all the wrong way.  On the other hand at least they can all speak the same language. French.


Remarkably, despite all of the above I am desperate for the new season to start, praying for the new influx of bargain buys to really stand up and be counted.  To surpass expectations and prove Mike Ashley right.  As much as I hate the bloke my love for the club shines through and if it means he proves me to be completely wrong for us to go on a great cup run or European push then I will take it with open arms.  The signings that we have made are decent.  To a degree I am happy with them.  Marveux could be exciting, Cobaye sounds a solid performer and Demba Ba for me is a quality player.  We haven’t improved though, just filled holes with players who could yet struggle to settle.  From what I can tell our biggest improvements will come from within.  A fit again Hatem Ben Arfa and the keen and eager Dan Gosling will be like new signings.  Two quality players if they can find that crucial match sharpness.  If we are to have a big season then these two will be vital, maybe the difference.  Hopefully by the time that this issue is released we will have managed to scrape some of that Andy Carroll money out of fat twats well separated pockets and have brought in some big names.  There is a lot of talk of Erdinc but not much else to be honest.  We have to be looking for someone to fill that number 9 void.  We need to splash.  A marquee signing would go some way to fixing a few of Mike Ashley’s million problems.


We need to hit the ground running this season.  The Gooners away first shout and then a trip to the mackems is no easy start.  They will be smarting but I’m pretty sure that with Miss Doubtfire in charge that we don’t have a lot to worry about.  He couldn’t manage a vending machine the big nosed tart.  We need to have the big characters fit for this game.  Your Barton’s, your Steven Taylors and the likes,  Its vital that we first win the battle, then hopefully our French legion can go on to dominate and give that horrible unwashed lot a lesson quite similar to the one they received last year.  Who knows, they might not even turn up looking back at how many walked out on their side last season. Damn I love beating them.  Mr Nolan may well be gone but I for one will be chicken dancing my way around the stadium of shite should we get anything from that game.  Bring them on.  Even with our problems we should be able to and have to get up for this one.


I would like to finish with a mention for Fabrizio Coloccini. This guy for me is now one of our own.  A nasty start to his black and white career could have seen him go the same way as Jean Alain Boumsong but hard work and perseverance has shone through and the lad is now, for me, one of the best defenders in the top league.  Defensively sound and a natural footballer.  I am over the moon with our new skipper.  Good luck Colo. 


So here we are.  The start of the new campaign.  Hopefully when you are reading this we are still running out with Jose and joey in the ranks.  If not hopefully we are gearing up to see their high profile replacements signed with the 25 million plus that we received for selling them.  You just can’t judge what is going to happen.  I don’t think that we are going to have a bad season, just believe that if we were ran correctly we could have a brilliant one. Good luck lads and get through those red and white bastards.

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