By Brian Hall
Friday 18 Nov 2011 14:15:00
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We all get them. I am still recovering from some recent blows myself. For example, the name of the football ground I love has been changed, for the time being that is! A hobby I came to love, crosswords, has turned into a disaster and simply proved that I am a total failure. And on top of that, the woman I loved, Meryl Streep, is playing Maggie Thatcher sympathetically in a forthcoming film. Three thumps in the gob in the space of a week for me. But others are taking blows too, some far worse than mine.



This week saw a particularly rough one for young people, between the ages of 16 to 24, and whacked them straight in the jaw. The unemployment figures confirmed that over a million in that group are now on the Nat King Cole, the Dole. Those lads and lasses are feeling the impact, to say the least.  But , naturally, this minor blow to those in power, who do not like such stats, was quickly explained away, by blaming the Euro Crisis for that right hook. Suppose it makes a change from blaming a long Bank Holiday Weekend, or snow, or hot weather, or whatever, on economic bad news. Weh aye, blaming that European lot will dae for the time being.  


One character inside that political boxing ring certainly took a blow though and could not duck quite so easily. The Home Secretary, Teresa May, tried to blame a senior civil servant for a cock-up in immigration controls. He was not amused, hit back in style, and damaged her in the process, not literally, like. Alongside that, the Murdoch media phone tapping Empire - aka the News of the World, etc - have been back in the dock, and taking some more body punches about their behaviour. And the Anglican Church at St Pauls is about to try and get off its own canvass on the boxing floor, by hoying out the tent bunch from the glorious Cathedral of our glorious Capital the morra. The top clergy have took enough hits because of that lot camping there, protesting against the rich, and putting that church leadership up against the wall on their Christian view on rich and poor.


Talking of events in the glorious Capital, the London Olympics, sorry British Olympics, are apparently to be guarded by security which can blow anybody out of the water, or rather the air. It is leaked that they could be defended by surface to air missiles.Maybe they should worry more about a more obvious threat, namely, that of the future of the 4 UK nations in international football, which could be hit by a blow which risks the end of their footy national presence in its long, historical form. If that daft UK Team Whatever piles into the soccer tournament, then it could well open the door to many countries inside the FIFA set-up who have long argued that Britain, and Britain only, should play in international footy tournaments.


Staying with blows, and boxing rings, it was sad to see the passing of Joe Frazier recently. As somebody who never has any interest in that sport, I can say that, as a kid, etc, his fights with Ali got me to the telly, and it seems that Joe did a canny bit work for needy people after his retirement. 


I would love to end on a happy note. I intended to.


 But in terms of this blog, I have JUST heard the all too familiar statement on the news. Another British soldier has been killed in Afghanistan, his family have been informed......and I ask whether politicians, newspaper barons, church leaders, and influential sports figures - in general, I stress - have done a damn thing about stopping an absurd war, and the hideous blows which are inflicted out there on people and their families and friends.








ps     I suppose, if nothing else, that last paragraph puts everything else into perspective, eh. Tek care and I promise to make the next blog more cheery, eh...............................

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