By Brian Hall
Wednesday 26 Oct 2011 13:44:00
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No. I am not talking about the Blackburn Cup tie which could see the Mags enter the quarter-fnals of the League, or Carling Cup if you really want to call it that. I am trying to take my mind off  seriously dangerous thoughts which are lying at the back of my so-called brain - could there be a trophy on the horizon? My attempt to distract myself from that kind of thinking, at least until tomorrow night, has focused on other potentially dangerous activities.


One  took place last night, for example. Europe blasted onto the agenda . And the talk was not focused on qualification for the Champions League, the bizarre Europa League, or the Eurovision Song Contest. Nah. This involved the old chestnut, should we Brits be part of Europe or not? A call for a referendum led by those great English patriotic papers, the Sun and the Daily Express. A brief check on their owners indicates that , weh, the owners are not exactly holding UK passports, but never mind.


Of course, they were joined by the Tory Right Little Ingerlanders who dream of an island adrift from Europe. Now. Couple of things to state. One, an awful lot is  wrong with the EEC which eventually called itself the European Union. Two, it is hardly in a good state right now - where is - and the Euro seems on the verge of collapse every other week. But the leading little Ingerlanders who desire to dae a bunk are often absurd characters. They mention, for example, that they could knock about with the European Free Trade Association - which includes Norway. Good start, but the rest of that lot are composed of Lichentenstein, a couple of tiny places with populations less than those of Wylam, and they divvent exactly have much bargaining power in trade agreements with Europe, let alone across the rest of the world.


And I always have a chuckle when  some decrepit Old Etonian MP is dragged out in the Buggar This, We are Not Europeans Camp. He is usually  oblivious to the fact that there is no longer a  British Empire , talks about the Commonwealth, and occasionally says that Uncle Sam and the USA could be a good mate in trade. Utter bollocks. Europe might just collapse anyway - again, who knows in these times - and if it did, there would be no need for a referendum. But be careful, you Little Ingerlanders, if it does disintegrate - I , for one, would not fancy Germany, France, and you name it, falling out with each other on a big scale. Think we have seen before what can happen if that kind of thing kicks off it. Careful what you wish for, springs to mind.


Getting away from Europe , there is also a potentially dangerous plot gannin on in the USA, and I dont mean the economy over there. No. This one involves the alarming escape which took place in the south of Utah state of millions of bees following a road crash. The locals are a bit frightened, and I dont blame them - bees are alright, like, but I would not fancy knocking about that small town at the minute. Sounds like potential danger to me, given the numbers of bees on the loose.


Some prisoners are in dodgy waters, too, further down the road in Brazil. They apparently landed themselves in a right mess whilst serving their stint inside, and their parole time is well knackered. They were caught running a racket involving booze deliveries and luxury items into the nick. I know this kind of thing gans on, but this lot were not your ordinary bunch of lads - they were coppers serving time for corruption in a prison for bent coppers!!!                 


Enough of all this talk of dangers and dodgy situations facing countries, and individuals. It is probably a risky subject anyway, as the most evil night of the year is lurking around the corner. Halloween. Ghosts and ghouls. The safest place to be that night is in a place called Sunderland. Apparently, there will be no mention of Halloween over there on October 31. Dont know the reasons why, like.







ps                      it is now Wednesday morning, and, aye, ominous signs have emerged. I am now definitely thinking of Cup Glory. History teaches me NOT to do. Too bloody dangerous!!!!

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