By Steve
Monday 24 Oct 2011 14:32:00
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As if. On Saturday, I joined the lads in town for the match - Glory Hunter, me. Saturday night saw a very good mood, although Sunday morning saw a very bad hangover. Foolishly, I left the Irish Club after the match, and failed to pass the Chilli Arms. It is not every day we are joint third of the Premiership, so that was my excuse. Incredibly, my pool skills led to a five match unbeaten run, only ended by that extra pint of lager which can affect your game somewhat. This unbeaten run thing though is clearly catching - first the NUFC, now my pool, I thought.


Sunday got better, well, after I felt a bit better that is. I studied the paper intensely, given my interest in world affairs - well, I studied the league table actually. Then, I decided to pop along the road for a very quiet afternoon, and walking past one of the local bars, I was assailed by a couple of the local lads. They informed me that the Mancs had lost 6-1 at home. Now, I have no time for Man City, wonderful, superb, brilliant, orgasmic, to learn that Manure suffered on such a scale. Unless my memory plays tricks, I dont think they are used to such a result at the Theatre of GloryHunters. God, I felt so sad for the Eastbourne, Surrey on the Hill, Essex by the Sea fanatics who follow that club. There must have been tears in the streets of Northampton and Norwich.


And then? I went further along the road, and had to smile at my own behaviour really. Totally irrational, but enjoying it while it lasts. I actually took an interest in a Chelski game. Not because I wanted to see Brittolini pass to Albercini to Wee Ever Eski, but due to the fact that I wanted them to get beat. Now. I normally want them to get beat, but my motive was one which does not normally come with the strip. Technically, they are our rivals at the minute. They lost. John Terry took the huff or something, I dont know or care. But it means we are Joint Third in the table. I refuse to accept we are Fourth, as, for the time being, in my eyes, goal difference does not count. In fact, given a change in rules, we are actually Third, and they are fourth, as we are unbeaten.


Nothing can really dampen my mood on this bright Monday morning. Obviously, I am now claiming to have been one of the few people who backed Alan Pardew from Day One. Strangely, those who know me are doubting this claim. I honestly dont know why.....errrrm.


And now it is time for Up for the Cup. Blackburn away, League Cup - I never call it the Carling - and the quarter finals beckon. But one note of caution. Marchy, the man I am writing the would-be play with, rang this morning in optimistic mood. He launched into a rant about Blackburn - concentrating on the league, crap team, etc, etc. The reasons why they simply cannot stop us were reeled off by him. And then? He laughed at himself, and must have read my mind as I listeneed to his list - he stopped himself and stated that meant we would definitely lose at Blackburn!   Decades of experience there, man. For once, let us not run true to form, eh.


Must dash. Going back to co-writing the Play which neebody will gan to, although Wraithy has sought a role in it, so he might be there. Might. When it appears in the west end. And by the way, without giving too much away, it does involve Newcastle United in a FA Cup Final.............................definitely dashing now, as there seem to be some men in white coats knocking on my front door....but we can dream, eh.


Have a canny day, and keep studying that league table




Thought for the Day.                                 Football is the opium of the masses.                          And a lot of us are taking the opium a lot at the minute in our remote corner of this land. Let's just enjoy it, and worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes. Or Novermber actually, when we play the 2 Mancs away. After all, Novermber is a long way off

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