By Brian Hall
Thursday 15 Sep 2011 17:17:00
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We all have them, obviously. Take the current financial crisis. I am not talking about the one in the EuroZone, am talking about the one in the HeatonZone of Newcastle. Our system operates on the same principle as the global economy. A lends B, C lends D, and 

X pays Y back, and so on. Unfortunately, Heaton economists are worried that some local characters - or governments as we call them - are in danger of defaulting. The risk in our area is that means an impact on the rest of our governments. If B cannot pay A back, then C, D, and the entire system can be hit by the domino effect.


Worries continue on the job front - not just in our local area, but in the UK as a whole. There is talk of serious protest on the horizon. I dont mean the public sector union strike action which is fairly imminent. I mean a group of Members of Parliament. There is to be a cut come the next election, resulting in job losses for 50-odd MPs, due to new boundary changes. All hell on is breaking loose, as the Guardians of Democracy fight their potential unemployment crisis.



More concerns emerged overnight, this time for the Lasses and the Lads. Blog readers may recall a piece when I mentioned news that chocolate can be very good for you, which was probably a blow for the Lasses on a diet. It has now got worse. A bunch of US scientists have now discovered that eating dark chocolate can be just as good, if not better, than spending an hour in the gym! Now, that is yet another blow to the diet Lasses - more encouragement just to hoy the chocky down your neck for the ladies who have been avoiding it in order to slim down, and gannin through hell in the process. But what about the Lads, pumping iron for an hour, often at a big cost to their bank balance? They might as well just put on a tracksuit, and eat a big bar of dark chocolate. Apparently, the impact on muscle strengthening is just as effective as that sweaty hour in the gym.



Yet another source of worry broke out this morning involving food labelling. Concern has grown over labels which state.....sell by...and use by. The government have decided that only one note should be used. Best Before. It turns out that part of this iniatiative stems from people hoying out food from the fridge if they see...sell by           or        use by. Best Before , in theory, should encourage people to use the package after, as they might think, weh, Canny Later, or whatever. This takes me back to the Heaton area of Newcastle, and also a bit commonsense. We all ignore the labels anyway, and just eat the food anyway if it smells and looks ok. As for throwing out stuff, they must be joking. Have they not heard there is a recession on!?



A sad, absurd concern also appeared in Northern Ireland. Two police officers have been reported by an Orange Lodge after their attendance at a Catholic service. The 2 lads are just ordinary members of the Lodge, and the rules state that no Orangeman should ever be seen near such an event. Except these two were paying respects to one of their Catholic fellow Officers. Now, that is a concern for people who have a mentality like that inside an Orange Lodge.


Anyway, worries and concerns closer to home. Just two, or the rest would take up sixteen blogs a day. One. I am worried about the state of health of a mate who has been trying to teach me wider computer skills - and failed. Now, he has tried successfully to set up the foundation of a website for me - www.booksbybrian.webs.com.  Unfortunately, he has attempted to explain what he is doing - I want to stress one thing. There is no truth in the rumour that the frustration he has encountered has led to him being taken away by two men in white coats. He will deny that malicious gossip, after his medication allows him to speak again.


The other concern. Middle Daughter's birthday arrangements. This baby Magpie is 12 today. Life as a Mag affected her as soon as she appeared in the RVI, amongst many other bonny babies all those years ago - we were playing Sofia away in Europe, and doting Dads, neighbours, and nurses, cooed at her and her new mates, most of the time anyway. Some tended to pop along the corridor to see how NUFC were doing that night via radio networks - not me, of course! Anyway, the worry for me is what to buy for a 12 year lass?  Any suggestions will be too late, as I have to head off to work that out. Now. That is cause for concern.



Tarah. Worried and Concerned of Heaton, formerly of Shiney Row.



ps leaving stress behind, I am off on a Summer Holiday tomorrow night. At the Dryden Centre in Gateshead, to see the 2 younger daughters on stage doing Cliff Richard's Summer Holiday. No worry or concern there - he is not coming.             Bry

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