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Please take note of the board rules and ensure that they are followed at all times when posting on Fansonline.

Fansonline seeks to create an atmosphere where contributors are encouraged to give opinions, within the rules. However, whilst harmless banter is acceptable, disruption of the message boards and personal abuse will not be allowed.

A friendly atmosphere is the aim, where contributors have opportunities to give their views, seek information and swap ideas but also take their responsibilities seriously to respect other users and the site.

In posting on the board, you are deemed to accept that you do so on condition that you agree to abide by the rules at all times. Sanctions will occur if these rules are breached. This will include removing posting rights from posters who – in the opinion of board administrators – set out to disrupt the board and abuse others.

All posts on the Fansonline message board are the opinions of individual posters and not of Fansonline.

The Following Are Not Allowed :

1. Anything that could be deemed libellous or considered defamatory. Statements are libellous/defamatory if they identify a particular individual or organisation (either by name or by innuendo) and they tend to damage the reputation of the subject in the eyes of right-thinking members of society such that damage to reputation may be presumed.

This includes repeating information from another source that could be considered libellous/defamatory unless it can be absolutely proven with documentary evidence in a court of law. It is no defence whatsoever in terms of guilt to say that "someone else said it first". The decision whether to allow or disallow content lies with board administrators, because under current legislation, the major risk is to the site owner (although individual posters may also be liable to legal action by injured parties).

In law, just as a print journalist may be liable, so too will the message board poster if they post libellous/defamatory comments. Web site hosts and internet service providers may also be liable for libellous/defamatory postings on message boards. For that reason any such posts will be subject to removal.

If you consider any post to be libellous/defamatory you should contact Fansonline via the contact us page with full details of the date and time of the post plus the user name of the poster to enable investigation of the matter.

2. Anything relating to any ongoing or pending court case (as such a post may be in contempt of court).

3. Anything abusive that is (these are examples) racist, homophobic, sexist, harassing, harmful, threatening, inciting violence, inciting hatred or could in any other way be considered obscene, offensive, abusive or objectionable.

4. Anything that is posted with the intention of causing trouble or disruption to the normal running of the Fansonline message board or personal abuse aimed at other posters. Often termed ‘trolling’ this is defined as any post (content) that could be considered inflammatory, rude, disruptive or offensive, including posts designed intentionally to annoy, antagonise or abuse other Fansonline users or disrupt the flow of discussion.

5. Any abuse and defamation directed at message board administrators or criticism/dissent against their decisions or actions. Such posts will not be allowed under any circumstances. Breach of this rule may lead to an immediate ban and removal of any offending posts. Discussion about the banning of other message board users is also not allowed. If you wish to ask questions about the reasons for decisions or actions of board administrators, do so off message board by emailing us via the contact us page .

6. Using multiple login identities for the purpose of disrupting message boards is prohibited. In such cases an immediate ban can be applied to all identities.

7. Swear filters are there for a reason. Please do not attempt to side-step them.

8. Any advertising. This includes the buying, selling or auctioning of items/products or linking to personal items for sale or auction.

9. Any post that is deemed by Fansonline to break any of these rules may be removed at any time without warning. All users who register on the Fansonline message board agree to be bound by these rules. Any message board user who breaks the rules may be banned from use of the message board (see ‘Disciplinary Actions’ below)

What You Should Do :

Please treat others message board users as you would expect to be treated.
Harmless banter between posters is fine, serious abuse is not.

Fansonline recommends that you avoid giving out personal details such as your surname, postal address or phone number on the message board. This is for your own safety and protection. Other people could easily misuse this information. When online, it is easy for people to pose as other people.

Disciplinary Actions :

Users who break rules may be banned temporarily or permanently. Banned users will be notified. Users banned from any Fansonline message board will be banned from all Fansonline message boards. Temporarily banned users are not allowed to post. Attempts to post (for instance, using a different user name) during a temporary ban could result in a permanent ban.

In cases of regular abuse of message board rules or attempts by permanently banned posters to return, Fansonline reserves the right to contact your internet service provider.

If You See Message Board Problems or Have a Complaint :

If you see any content on the message boards that you feel breaks the above rules, please notify us immediately by emailing via the contact us page with full details of the thread title, the date and time of the post, and the message board user name of the poster.

If you see any content on the message boards that you feel contains a defamatory or potentially libellous statement, again please notify us immediately by emailing Fansonline via the contact us page with full details of the thread title, the date and time of the post and the message board user name of the poster.

All such content will then be evaluated and may be removed at the discretion of board administrators.

Any query or complaint about the message boards should be emailed to Fansonline via the contact us page with full details of the query or complaint.

Thank you for your co-operation. The rules are here to benefit everyone. Message Boards
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