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colincalderwood Posted on 08/03/2012 21:09
Gabriel Obertan, a lost gem

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I think i speak for most of the fanbase
when i think of the appauling decision to sell Gabriel Obertan to Newcastle.
Not only was this a promising young player he was also a true heir to George Best.
I think we let a gem slip through our fingers and the sooner we appoint a better player scout the better.
I think Mike Phelan is an absolutely vile man and his views on the african slave trade sicken me.
I have heard Andrei Kanchelskis is interested alongside Karel Poborsky.
To be frank, anything other than Phelan would be preferable, this man is a sick individual who should be deported to the United States and given the electric chair at the nearest opportunity.

Dinnae hold it against me lol

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tudor_fox Posted on 30/03/2012 15:18
Gabriel Obertan, a lost gem

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A true heir to George Best!!
Have a word!!
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