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TerryPhelan Posted on 04/04/2010 02:56
A Reallity Check

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Im a born and bred Manchester United fan of 56 years, and i watched them as a boy before all these glory hunters arrived on the scene.
I have long admired the greats such as Massimo Taibi and Karel Poborsky who put cheats like Bobby Charlton to shame.
But guys, i am so disgusted with Alex Fergusons management of our club...... Every single title under ferguson has been through bribery and cheating... we have conned referees and denied the fans.
Every title since 1993 has been won through cheating and Ryan Giggs goal against arsenal in the 1999 FA cup semi final was miles offside and he has since stated that he deserves the electric chair with a dry sponge for his horrendous crime against humanity.
In a nutshell I believe that Manchester United should be stripped of every single premier league title and Alex Ferguson should be made to kiss Franz Beckenbauers feet before a crowd of Germans in the Hitler Stadium in Berlin. After this Ferguson should be forced to relinquish every single piece of silverware they have ever won (through cheating) and have it melted down and sculpted into a statue of Michael Schumacher.

Och aye, dinnae hold it against me LOL

Love from Colin Calderwood
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seawasp Posted on 16/04/2010 15:31
A Reallity Check

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Ordsall scum
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