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Scratchit Posted on 20/05/2009 14:30
o/t Need Help no money required

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I need some help to beat a friend. I use the term friend losely as he is a kopite. (sorry for the bad language).

Please go to this link.


I know it is silly but he is really annoying.


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Scratchit Posted on 21/05/2009 12:02
o/t Need Help no money required

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In reward i will post a joke. if you like it please click.

Women goes into a pet shop to buy a parrott. She sees a beautiful gold parrott in the corner and asks about the price. The owner says its £20.
The lady replies "Really thats very cheap whats wrong with it."
The man explains that it has had a bad upbringing. It was raised in a brothel and has a very extensive vocabulary. So wouldn't reccommend having it.
The Lady was so taken by its colour that she decided to take a chance.
When she got it home the parrott looked out of his cage and said " Nice new room the clients will like this." a short while later the ladys 2 daughters walked in and the parrott said " Nice new girls aswell the clients will be happy." Then later on the husband comes home and the parrott said "Hello Kieth".
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